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More Middle East Chaos


More Middle East Chaos

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                                            Jan 2014


Any realist will confirm that Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State this nation has ever had. Clear evidence is her invention in 2010 of “The Arab Spring” and her implementation of polices that have left the entire Middle East in anti-American turmoil. Fully aware of the outcry of the progressives and Feminists who represent Hillary’s cheering squad, let me provide one example of polices that have turned Libya over to al Qaida, Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, to be deposed by military coups, in Syria in civil war, and in Lebanon and Tunis revolt.

            Not long after assuming office and implementing her “Arab Spring” policies, wildly cheered by the Gray Lady, the Syrian Assad secular government came under attack through the result of Obama’s immediate withdrawal from Iraq creating a two state political vacuum. Then Obama drew his infamous line in the sand and did nothing about his threat. Hillary on the other hand came up with a plan. We would purchase a few hundred white Toyota 4 wheel drive pickup trucks, send our now assassinated Christopher Stevens to the now toppled Libyan Gadhafi government to al Qaida to negotiate the purchase of Russian DshK “Dushka” heavy machine guns to be transferred via Turkey to the Alawite Assad opposition. Needless to say the over one million Syrian Christians who have been made refugees by this stupidity are never mentioned in Washington. Her plan was to mount the machine guns in the bed of the trucks, and provide them to the al Qaida the Assad opposition. The thought of buying American made trucks and machineguns never entered her mind. Shortly thereafter the al Quaid Asaad opposers made peace with the Caliphate thus providing over 200 $20,000 Japanese trucks and a $10,000 Russian machineguns and Russian ammunition to the Caliphate.

The State department then instructed the Pentagon to destroy every one of these vehicles using air power. The US Air Force then began elimination the trucks with hellfire missiles that cost $40,000 each. So the Hillary policy cost us over $ 3.5 million for nothing.


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