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Middle East chaos


Middle East chaos!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                                Jan 2015

While we flounder about claiming scores of allies in our most recent war against the Caliphate, they have in fact just picked up three new allies. The three new members to the Caliphate are Syrian opposers to the Alawite secular government of the Assad family, in southern Syria bordering Israel and the IDF occupied Golan Heights. Of the three groups the only large one is Yarmulke Martyrs Brigade, who has enlisted several hundred fighters. We must add that the greatest losers in all this has been Syrian Christians, over one million of which have become refuges all over the Middle East.

The Egyptian outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and their Caliphate military wing Ansar Bait al-Maqdis (Ansar Jerusalem) is already allied to the Caliphate. Thus a possible two front war against Israel, one from the Syrian side the other from Al Arish Egypt. With all their 400+ nukes hundreds of F-16 fighters and three billion dollars of free military hardware every year this presents little problem for Israel. The possibility of an alliance with the Caliphate and other Sunni states is however problematic.

At present the major power block in Syria is the “al-Nusra Front” an al Qaida branch in Syria that is now part of the Caliphate. This development causes some severe problems for American foreign policy. Any sustained IDF response could result in American difficulties with Egypt, Turkey, the Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Iran, not a pleasantly anticipated situation on the 7th floor of State.

The Caliphate’s military leadership has in the past when things did not go their way resorted to huge changes in strategy including the opening of new war fronts. Furthermore, rhetoric against secular and moderate Islamic states by the Caliphate leadership has been relentless criticism of other Muslims for not supporting their efforts to retake the entire Levant, including Israel. The Israeli unending expansion of settlements in the West Bank (Palestine) on stolen land, and their Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) a concept understood by all in the Middle East does not help any movement toward peace.

I clearly remember the great worry in the first Gulf war (1991) that Israel would turn the IDF lose on Iraq, which would have splintered the military alliance between America and Middle East nations. Considering that many of the Caliphate’s military leaders are Sunni’s from Saddam Hussein’s army, this could be on their minds.

The propagandized American public is told on an hourly basis by our Lamestream zionist media that Israel is America’s greatest friend and ally. Nothing,

could be further from the truth. A list of spy’s of the 20th century will reveal that Jews perpetrated all the greatest spy actions against America in the employ of the Mossad. 9-11 was most certainly carried out under Mossad leadership and control. We have the word of their Prime Minister Netanyahu, who said, “It’s very good [for Israel], it will generate immediate sympathy”. 

            The Israeli war party Likud and its Greater Israel expansion plans along with the Caliphate’s plans to re-conquer the entire Levant places two very determined adversaries on the plains of Armageddon.

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