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Warning 2015 -16


Warning  2015 -16!                                   One of six pages

Soon a huge change will take place, and you will be affected.

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Happy New Year to you all!


I have written 17 books and over 3,000 articles, of those the most poignant to this article are the in 2,000 written “July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day” ISBN 0-87319-047-5; the 2006 written, “Money a primer” ISBN 0-9748502-6-8 then 2010 OZ in the New Millennium” ISBN  978-0-9824963-2-9 and finally in 2014 “The System” ISBN 978-1-937553-06-7. I am not telling you this to blow my own horn but to make you understand that I am knowledgeable on monetary issues.


Expanded from the introduction of “OZ in the New Millennium”.

From the Introduction:

[The Original Wonderful Wizard of OZ was written at the end of the 19th century and was published in 1900. There had already been two attempts by the bankers to take over America’s monetary system thanks to president Andrew Jackson, the last attempt was derailed in the 1830’s. From the 1830’s forward to 1913 and then in the 1920-21 depression; more exactly termed a “deflationary depression”, America had enjoyed unprecedented prosperity for 83 years. This prosperity was due to the total omission of private banksters economic interference and usury, in the American economy. While most people think of Oz as a children’s book, Frank Baum’s tomb is anything but.]


[From my book] Oz is the abbreviated symbol for ounce, and what is sold by the ounce? Gold and silver. How are large quantities of god and silver sold? In bricks. So follow the yellow brick road, follow the mammon in biblical terms. Or in modern terms “follow the money”. Who in reality is the straw man? Allegorically speaking, a straw man is a fictitious individual (scarecrow) or in judicial terms a corporation, which takes the place of an individual person in law. (to hold harmless the individual) The straw man in fact is government. What did the straw man want from the Wizard? Brains! Why? Because no government agency has brains; legally it is a fictional entity that has no brains no life no soul, and no heart. What did the straw man get in place of brains from the Wizard? He was given a certificate (Social Security #) for his newly created persona. The Straw Man was proud of his newly acquired status, becoming the personification of brainless without common sense government: OZ then gave him a diploma and he was enthralled.

            Then there was the Tin Man. What do the letters TN mean? Taxpayers Identification Number. The miserable taxpayer---Oh, I meant Tin Man—simply labored until his joints froze. Today taxpayers are worked to death, with many holding two or more jobs and paying half of their earned income in taxes, fees, licenses, tolls and permits. (Roman slaves did better) The average government bureaucrat currently earns about $72,400 per year while the private sector workers has to make do with $36,000. (The income level in the private sector has in real spendable income been falling since the late 1950’s) Taxpayers are the collective, the Tin Man who lacks both heart and soul, as he is but the chattel of state, kept in intellectual isolation by an uncompromising media, football, pro-wrestling, beer, TV, and video games is the oil that is designed to lubricate him. All the Tin Man wanted was a heart; needles to say none was available, he got a testimonial.

That brings us to the cowardly lion. He was a bully against anyone smaller, but as with all bullies, he was a cowardly at heart. He represents the Judicial and Police authority of the state. What did he want? He desired courage and wisdom. The Wizard gave him a medal and thus he attained a false appearance of courage and bravery. Not unlike the shysters (esquires) who now predominate our Legislative and judicial branches of government; who lord it over the citizens, at the pleasure of the banksters that keep the cowards in office.

And then there’s Dorothy. [in the book she had green slippers changed in the film to ruby red because it hit too close to home, they were green because the dollar is green]; where was Dorothy going? To the Emerald City (emeralds are green) the Emerald City is an acronym for the later created Federal Reserve System, the private banking monopoly wherein the Wizard (governor of the FRS is located).

Then there was the tornado that brought all this to happen. What is the acronym for the tornado?  The planned for in 1910 at Jekyll  Island and enacted in 1913, 16th amendment and the subsequent Big Daddy Warbucks Federal Reserve Act, allowing banksters to control all of American finance, and bankster created depressions of 1918,  1920,  1923,  1924,  1929, 1937, 1945, 1953, 1957, 1960, 1969, 1973, 1981,   1990, 2001,  2007 to 2015. The entire time, from its formation in 1910 to 1913 and its enactment, the argument of the banksters was that the FRS would bring order out of chaos, an end all those wild market fluctuations. [From 1913 to 2014 they in fact engineered 16 depressions for fun and profit.]

And poor Dorothy, all she ever wanted was to go home to Kansas (the Heartland or fruited plain) for peace and freedom from oppressive government.

The Witch wanted the Green (film red) slippers, because they represented money as unobstructed by government, [and the ability to go to the emerald city and rake in the cash.]

And OZ the Wizard, all he ever wanted was the Witches broom so he could ride away from it all.

Did you notice in the film they went through the field of Poppies (heroin) and they were not affected by it, no heart, no brains no feelings. Think about the boxer rebellion in China, or more recently the Taliban in Afghanistan (deposed by the West because they had shut down heroin production…) Afghanistan is once again the world’s leading producer of heroin.

That bring us to the emerald City---no Donnie not the one you live in ---the Federal Reserve System. (This private corporation (FRS) incorporated in the State of NY Sept 23, 1913, is not federal has no reserves, and is not a system but is a corporation) They are the indirect producers of the fiat dollar (that I have called funny money for decades) They alone drive the political class to spend more money and borrow from them, (only book entry’s) then charge the taxpayers interest (for book entries) to the point where with the present national debt of over $ 18 trillion, (at 0.25% interest) the banksters collect over 1/3rd of all collected federal taxes. If the interest rate climbs to over 3% it will consume the entire collected tax-base. The Wizard is no more real than the dollar, both are figments of imagination. No independent auditors have  audited the FRS or Treasury in 64 years.

The Wizard is exposed, but by whom? The little dog Toto, whose name in Latin means total. What did the wicked Witch want after Toto bit her? Everything! The Witch represents the Illuminati the parasite always hidden from obvious exposure (the Bonesmen Bankers) whose actions are implemented by the Wizard (FRS) and that phony Republocrat system from behind the curtain.

Now that you have an idea where I’m coming from, lets quickly look at the upcoming presidential race for 2016. The fractured DNC after the Obama debacle has come upon what they think will be a winning strategy. They will run a progressive woman for the 2016 election. There are two likely candidates as of Dec. 2014, Progressive Fabian socialist Elisabeth Warren (inheritor of the entire Obama machine) a hardline progressive (socialist) and Hillary Clinton an in the closet serious communist. The DNC has gone so far left, through control of the party by 70+ legislative progressives (socialists) that no Democrat of the 60’s would even recognize the party, which like the Republicans is experiencing a full scale civil war. The Republicans have no plan, they never do. The RINO candidate most likely will be Jeb Bush, opposed by Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, who will unsuccessfully challenge him from the conservative right. (the left has all the money.) Logical others are Scott Walker, and Bobby Jindal both certainly better than Bush. Based on statistical numbers the Democrats have it right, they would probably come out on top.

This now brings us to the crux of this article, Money! The FRS has painted itself into a corner, they have reduced the prime interest rates to 0.25 % they can not go lower, collected taxes from all of America cannot sustain an interest rate above 2.5% because the interest on the outstanding debt of over $ 18 trillion will be higher than collected taxes. (the $5 + trillion in “Quantetive Easing” is not even listed in the national debt clock figure and neither is the over $100 trillion in off book entries.)  We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world so increasing taxes on corporations is out; in the last six years Obama has added over 350+ new or increased taxes on individuals, the average American taxpayer now spends more on taxes than housing, food and fuel combined. Roman slaves were allowed to keep half of what they produced the average American is now at that place. The debt accumulated by Obama and his Bankster buddies is not only unsustainable it can never be paid back, it is in fact fictional because it is not based on any substantive value basis. The entire American economy produces only $ 14.7 trillion per year.

What will they do? Historically banksters have an incredible survival instinct. There is no one they will not stick it to, they will start wars and finance both sides, they will cheat, steal, anything, of course with the approval of the political class whose re-elections they finance and this to an 87% success rate, providing at least 75% of the money needed by incumbents for re-election.  In the past the FRS, acting though their puppet the president, have eliminated gold and silver as legal tender. (May 1, 1933 FDR forced all Americans to turn in their gold based on the value the government gave them—Gold at $20.67—then the government let gold float and it went up to $33.85 by 1940 in just 7 years, and by 1975 it was almost $200 per oz.) in other words the government  did very well and the people got screwed. Then to get out of the “great Depression” FDR created a circumstance with Japan that forced their attack on Pearl Harbor, an attack that FDR had been well apprised of two weeks before it took place. It was only through WWII that America came out of the Great Depression. Let that sink in! The Ziocons are beating the drums of war and have been for over 10 years. War against Iraq, Iran, Serbia, Libya, Syria, and all supported by the Zionists and banksters (I am being redundant?)

I think that two issues are close to happening. (#1) I think we will be at war with Iran within the coming 26 months. (#2) I think we will go to a cashless society.

In regards to (1), Hillary Clinton in 2010 wrote a paper in which she proposed her disastrous Middle East policies she called “The Arab Spring” based on that policy America lost its great friend Mubarak in Egypt, which fell to the Muslim Brotherhood, we lost Gadhafi (Libya) who had been working with the CIA against al Qaida our mutual enemy, replacing Gadhafi with al Qaida. In Syria the Alawite Assad government had protected the over one million Syrian Christians, (now all refugees) and kept secular peace in Syria for over 50 years. Hillary’s Arab Spring with the aid of the IDF and Mossad managed a civil war and the development of the Caliphate (ISIL or ISIS), which is our most sever adversary and now controls half of Syria and 3/4th of Iraq. In the mean time, the war mongers mostly Zionists and right wing Republicans repeat the same lie about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, every 90 days for 8 years we have been told that Iran will have a nuclear weapon in three months. That’s at least 26 times.

On (2) the situation is not all that complicated. The FRS has been monitoring the dollar since the W. Bush administration. Between bank bailouts (and lets all be honest that is all they were), Obama’s shovel ready jobs (just another lie) and “Quantitative Easing”, they have pumped over $7 trillion of funny money into the dollar base. In fact they wont even tell us how many dollars are in circulation. The dollar value (issued fiat money) is eroding at about 10.7% per year. You can bet that every banker and government in the world is apprised of that!  They know that they cannot repay the national debt never mind the additional $ 7 trillion not reported. In March 2012 they began buying their own debt at a rate of $ 85 billion per month, because they were unable to sell and T-Bills or T-Notes, never mind Savings Bonds. By March 2013 they were up to $ 1.02 trillion, in summer 2013 they reduced that to $55 billion per month or an additional $700 billion by the end of 2014. Government (the corporate state) is producing electronic money 160 times faster that ever before. (That’s real inflation!)

The gold depositories at Fort Knox and in the NYC Fed are basically empty. We can be sure of that on two grounds, A) the aggressive opposition of the FRS to an audit, and B) The widely reported inability to repay European gold held by the FED to Holland, Belgium, France Germany and Switzerland. Again they are in a corner. How will they work their way out?

First we will go cashless. Any authoritarian state will peruse this with a vengeance. The elimination of cash will give government the NSA, (building for this purpose the Bluffdale Utah intelligence storage facility largest group of buildings in the world) absolute control over all Americans, they are listening to your telephone, e-mails, what you do, what you write, who your friends are, what magazines you subscribe to, what you do on the Internet, and now with a cashless society there will be nothing that you can hide From Big Brother. Don’t think it not happening. I flew with a minor airline last month, the airline would not take cash, the airport parking lot would not take cash, its already in the works. NSA is now the largest and most covert and abusive intelligence agency of world history and they work hand in glove with the banksters  and politicians.

How will this all work? Soon john Q public will see the easy path accorded by plastic. The government (FRS) will burst out money supply and increase government spending, all based on funny money. The concept is Fabian economics providing for spending by the people, through forced economic growth, and while doing so, increase government control of everything. They anticipate that all this will force economic growth, but its all a myth, where is the value?  The Republocrat “Free Trade” initiatives have decimated American manufacturing to the point where little is left. When a nation is forced to purchase their commodities from overseas they become the colony of the supplier nations. We will be forced into an ever greater and expanding self-indulgent society. Usury has been made a public conveyance for the benefit of the operators of the “System.” As Helicopter Ben Bernanke said “We simply use the computer to mark up the size of the account!” Or better yet Harvey Hahn, “The Fed doesn’t really have the money, (I.E> there are no hard assets backing anything) the Fed just makes it up!”

The American economy is a fairy tale and we will not see any change, remember they said when unemployment fell to under 6% they would increase interest rates. (can’t in fact be done, not enough taxes are collected to do it) So, which of their statistics for unemployment will they use?  The present system in U-3 at just about 6%, but before that in the early W. Bush admin. They used the U-6 statistic which is about 14%, then there’s ShadowStats ® the actual unemployment number with is 23%. Oh, it’s so easy to fool the people, remember Jonathan Gruber on Obamacare?

            The fed has pumped so much electronic money into the economy that it has created a huge bubble. This bubble is about to explode. Those holding debt instruments will be badly hurt and that includes government paper.

But aside all that, if you have been paying attention, you are well aware of the BRICS. They are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, not exactly lightweights; are on a push against the dollar as world reserve currency, that’s just another bubble about to break. (So far beside the BRICS, Venezuela, and Iran are also trading outside the dollar.) Remember the wars against Iraq, Libya, and now the aggression against Iran, none of it had anything to do with weapons of mass destruction or nuclear issues,  it deals with those nations refusal to sell oil for dollars.  Petrodollars are one of the major dollar trade issues.

I only wish I had some good news, not much. Silver was a good investment until the big banks got in on the silver market. Just until recently J. P. Morgan Chase held silver short positions larger that the entire annual silver mining production, this depressed the market, they have now reversed and are long on silver, but that wont last. Gold was good until the big banks got into the fray with UBS already fined and over a dozen banks in regulators’ sights. When we go cashless the government and merchants will need a huge electronic network to handle the enormous traffic, investing in companies that do that might be a good bet. Water is in short supply in many places, there is a new technology Lockheed Martin has a new patent for a filter that can desalinate and purify water called Perforene Membrane it is many times faster and cheaper than what is now used, they have already cut contracts with India and Pakistan for multi-million dollar deals. It will be huge in the coming decade. Cyber security will become a major factor as we become cashless. Large players in cyber security especially ones that can effectively protect corporate retailers will be big winners. Statistical abstracts indicate that 97% of all organizations have seen their systems partially compromised, 25% of all corporations have seen cyber attacks on their systems, three quarters have had active control and command communications breached, even after the attack was exposed the majority saw continued breaches. There is always one constant, people need food and water, the largest player in food in the world in Nestles ® unless people stop eating it’s a good bet. Above all you must be diversified, not only in products but also in locations, your investment must be international.


I wish all a very Happy New Year. All the best!




Some great Progressive pronouncements:


W. J. Clinton: “It depends on what your definition of is, is”

H. Clinton: “What difference does it now make?”

J. Biden: “The next person that tells me I’m not religious, I’m going to shove my rosary beads up their A**”

B. H. Obama: (without his teleprompter) “America is, no longer, uh, what it, uh, could be, uh, what it once was, uh, and I say to myself, uh, I don’t want that future, uh, for my children” (wild applause from the mob)

N. Pelosi: “Lets just pass this bill so that we can read it”

B. H. Obama: “I have campaigned in all 57 states”

N. Pelosi: You don’t need God anymore you have Democrats”

H. Reid: “Paying taxes is voluntary”

B. H. Obama: “ You have a business, you did not build that. Someone else did”


Democrats of the past:


H. Truman: “the buck stops here”

A. Jackson: “ One man with courage makes a majority”

J. F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”

FDR: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”






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