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RSA in the 20th century


RSA in the 20th century                                                                           11.20.14

Dr. A. H. Krieg


                            I operated a distribution business for my American manufacturing business in The Republic of South Africa from 1974 to 1986. Our South African corporate HQ was in Randberg a suburb of Johannesburg. Widder RSA Ltd. sold machinery power tools, oxy-fuel cutting equipment, welding fume eliminators and through an owned affiliate in Switzerland, Panox, car and truck tiers from S. Korea.  Because we had nation wide distribution through Afrox the largest welding distributor in Africa I traveled widely in RSA, Rhodesia, as well as the black republics inside RSA on many trips to that great nation.

                            The media reported evil apartheid was a total lie. I vividly recall my apprehensions about South Africa all based on misinformation from the Lamestream. On my first trip when I landed at Jan Smuts (now changed to O.R. Tambo) (1) airport in Johannesburg the false impressions were rapidly dissipated. In succession 1974, a black man took us to passport control, once cleared by another black man, another black man inspected our luggage, after that I got into a cab driven by a black man, to the hotel where a black woman checked me in. In my first three hours in RSA I had not seen a single evil overseer with a whip as I had been conditioned to believe, by the Grey Lady and its friends, that they reported to be everywhere.

                            South African politics are really very simple; there are two factions the communist ANC/SACP and the rest of the population. As everywhere the communist party was Jewish and ran SACP (South African Communist Party). The major communist effort was located in trade unions with men such as A. Z. Berman who headed the industrial Socialist League of Kapstadt. Solly Sachs was head of the Garment Workers Union he was at one point expelled and then readmitted to SACP. Bennie Weinstein was in charge of the non-European (Black) Trade Union Federation, other prominent party members were; Neville Rubin, Issy Diamonds, Hymie Levin, Julius Lewin, Abraham Levy, Issie Wolfson, Max Joffe, Lazar Bach, Molly Zelikowitz Wolton, Fanny Lederman, Michael Harmel, Rebecca Notlowitz Bunting, Sam Kahn, Katy Kagan, Yetta Barenblatt, Eli Weinberg, Leon Levy, Norman Levy, Hymie Barsel, Lionel Forman, Rowley Arenstewin, Errol Stanley, Monty Berman, and Bertram Hirson. In fact the South African government gazette 1962 lists 66 Jews as prominent members of SACP. In the 1960 RSA’s population was about 3 million and according to the World almanac 1958 Jews comprised a total of 110,000. Based on that information Jews were 30 times more likely to be communists than other whites.            

                            At this point it is imperative for the reader it understand that most of the black population of RSA are immigrants. The Dutch began settling Kapstadt (2) in 1562; so, White’s have been the largest, by population based racial group for about 350 years, it was only after the diamond and gold discoveries that the great migration from Black Africa arrived. The black population of the Kapstadt was principally pigmies who have since died out due to the cannibalism of blacks who hunted them for food. With some exceptions Whites were a majority for most of the Republics existence, both under Afrikaner (3) as well as British rule. Blacks immigrated mostly from the Congo, Botswana, Rhodesia, Angola, Zaire, Zambia, & Tanzania. They came because conditions were better in White run South Africa, there was ample employment in the mining sector, income, was better, as well as social conditions. In other words these Blacks immigrated to South Africa because the White run governments of South Africa and Rhodesia were better managed and were a better place to live than where they came from.

                            This issue of race and religion is of paramount interest because it relates to the dichotomy of Israel vs. South Africa. In South Africa the immigrant black population is championed and internationally supported, in Israel the indigenous population is internationally despised, labeled as terrorist, while the interloper Ashkenazim (4) that have absolutely no land or property rights are championed. The legal position of the two societies is totally reversed. In South Africa the Blacks are the interlopers and in the Levant (5) the Arabs are the interlopers.  The most obvious reasons relate to control of the media. Jews control the media in all of the West, but most strongly in America, South Africa and England, where the Diaspora (6) was located. The media is the news source of prominence, and people think and act in accordance with what they are told. In these two cases the media universally supports Ashkenazim over Arab Christians and Muslims in Israel and Black immigrants in South Africa over the indigenous Afrikaners. Notable is the fact that when it was convenient for Israel they were South Africa’s greatest supporters, jointly producing and testing an atomic bomb in the Indian Ocean, September 1979. (7) In the 1970’s Israel and South Africa were the closest allies, in fact more so than the USA and Israel, now. Until 1947 the Levant was 82% Islamic Arab, 10% Arab Christian and 7.7% Ashkenazim and 0.03% Hebrew. Jews at that time 1947 owned only 7% of the land, they purchased none they simply stole it. In South Africa from about 1600 onward Whites were the predominant racial group until 1867 and 1868 when diamonds and then gold were discover in the Republic, and Black labor immigrated to work in the mines.

                            A notable factor is the Jews universally claim to be the champion of the underdog, and the ever-active supporters of minority rights. Apparently that works in America and in the communist cause but not in Israel. Likewise gun control is the primary Jewish issue in America, England and Australia. The most active American gun-grabbers are Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, and Richard Blumenthal, all Jews. In Israel however Jews walk around carrying semi-automatic rifles and pistols while non-Jews are not even allowed baseball bats all the while the American gun-grabbers remain silent. This is just another incongruity of action. It would appear that Jews universally act in accordance with whatever policy suites their political and social agenda best, moral and ethical behavior be dammed.

                            On July 11, 1963 Johannesburg police raided the home of a prominent Jew Arthur Goldreich, much to their surprise they had interrupted a meeting of the terrorist Umkonto we Sizwe (8) underground arresting 17 members all but five were black and those five Whites were all Jews. The founders of Umkonto we Sizwe were Adrian Leftwich, Baruch Hirson and Monty Berman all Jews. I find it ironic that Jews who are the most exclusive, apartheid people in the world who have in the last ten years built the apartheid wall around Israel all on Palestinian land, claim to be the purveyors of racial harmony, internationalism, globalism and multiculturalism.  Even more so telling is that the three Jews who founded and ran the largest Black terrorist organization in South Africa for decades are claimed to be the saviors of the blacks.  They even criticized churches for not integrating they’re parishes, while maintaining totally segregated synagogues.

                            Foremost people involved in the communist movement in South Africa in the 70’s and 80’s were Taffy Adler, who was a principal in the organization of the Black Trade Union movement. His father was a Soviet, Stalin supporter all the way to the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1989. His uncle, Michael Harmel went on to become General Secretary of SACP. Rachel Alexandrowich was active in the communist trade union movement and her husband was a communist lecturer at the University of Cape Town. The South African Communist Youth League was run by Max Joffe and was related to the Labor League of Youth managed by Hilda Bernstein. Paula Podbrey an immigrant from Lithuania, said in 2000 ”looking back on it now, it seems to me that everybody was Jewish”. When she later married an Indian communist the Jews ostracized her. So much for racial tolerance.

                            Joe Solvo is another Baltic import joined the Young Communist League when he was only 16. He was a founding member of the Congress of Democrats who was accused in the 1956 treason trials. He became a member of the Central Committee SACP as well as General Secretary of the ANC from 1969 all the way to 1983. He held the General Secretary position on the ANC as well as SACP for 14 years. He was the main strategist in the civilian bombings that occurred all over South Africa from ‘69 to ’85. Gill Marecus whose parents were deeply involved in the communist movement is now the Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, a position she attained after being in Mandela’s first cabinet. ANC/SACP head of military intelligence was Ronnie Kasrils; he then became Deputy minister of Defense in the Mandela government and is now Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry.

                            Immigration into South Africa from the Baltic States, especially Lithuanian Jews was by the 1930’s so extensive that Johannesburg was 17% Lithuanian Jews, earning the city the nick name of Jewburg, as a majority of these Lithuanians were communists substantial social turmoil resulted from the 30’s forward. As the Jews were active in the creation and management of the ANC as well as SACP, white tolerance began disappearing. Jewish prominence in business, mining, banking, and media resulted in an escalation of opposition to Jews. As they were the principal actors in breaking down racial separation between Black and White. Afrikaner’s came to the realization of it, a schism between the White English immigrants who only began arriving in about 1900 and the long established Afrikaners came to be. Gradually, the English-speaking immigrants organized the Boer Wars in which Churchill became prominent along with the establishment of the world’s first concentration camps in which the English killed off over 40,000 mostly women and children with troops from England in effort to expand the British Empire.

                            In 1960 police raided a farm near Johannesburg arresting the leadership of the communist party, consisting of Dennis Goldberg, Lionel Bernstein, Ruth First, Bob Henley and many others, all were Jews. Captured documents including the “Operation Mayibuye” consisted of a plan for an armed invasion of the Republic written by Arthur Goldreich, who after being imprisoned was able to bribe some guards and escaped. This ironically is exactly what happened in Russia in 1920.

                            The presently operating ANC government of South Africa is a Black communist dictatorship. As Pof. Hermann Giliomee explained RSA elections are more like an ethnic census. Whites have no voice in the courts, schools, legislature or executive branches of government. Jews, who do not support White rights, overrun the constitutional courts. Jews claim a moral high ground on the basis that they support the black majority; this is in fact a ruse. What Jews did in South Africa was to take over the government while making themselves the puppet masters behind the scenes for a basically uneducated and an IQ depraved Black population.

                            In summation we see the exact same modus oparandi as existed in Russia in 1919 in the Russian Revolution. The entire efforts both in South Africa as well as in Russia was a Jew conspiracy to take over a nation. Actions in southern Africa then expanded to Rhodesia with the British government attacking the Ian Smith government. Arthur Goldberg was the American ambassador to the United Nations for LBJ, the man who had already demonstrated his bias in the U.S. Liberty attack by the IDF (9) that had resulted in the deaths of 34 and injury of 171 American sailors. Goldberg immediately pledged American support for sanctions against the White, Smith government. The resulting outcome was the destruction of Rhodesia as an exporting viable community, turning it into a communist Zimbabwe run by a communist racist, Robert Mugabe, resulting in the total destruction of the Rhodesian economy the murder of thousands of Whites, and an ongoing civil war between various Black tribes. I remember Harare the Rhodesian capital city, what a wonder, today it’s a dump.


(1)  Oliver Tambo ANC politician and member of the communist party CPRSA

(2)  The correct name of Cape Town

(3)  Name of the original Dutch settlers.

(4)  Jew converts from the Caucuses

(5)  The region of the Middle East from Aleppo (Syria) in the south to the Sinai (Egypt) in the north.

(6)  The Diaspora was located in London and moved to NY at the outset of WWII.  

(7)  The Vela incident

(8)  Spear of the Nation the armed wing of the ANC/CPRSA

(9)  Israeli Defense Force


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