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Progressivism is not ideological




            Progressivism is not ideological

            Dr. A. H. Krieg


                        From Hard Power, to soft power, to no power.


                     Progressivism is a confused political ideology without any relative goals. The process continually alters its aims with time, rather then seeking the best end outcome it perpetually changes outlooks and objectives. No system based on such logic can produce suitable results. Progressives think that the past is evil and therefore plan for HOPE, & CHANGE to move FORWARD as the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections so adequately proved. The entire electoral process is based on blaming, in our case, every problem on the actions of the white “conservative” men and the founders of our nation. Not only is their case weak, it is in fact delusional. Not to be forgotten is that the three schlagwörter, “Hope”, “Change”, and “Forward” were all lifted from the Russian Bolshevik revolution.  The process is closely related to political erpressung, which has been the primary modus operandi of Jewish internationalism for decades.

                     A strong support of this political philosophy is seated in the courts. The “Court” has adopted the progressive dictum that law (The constitution and Bill of Rights) is a “living document” open to the interpretation by “Jurists” based on their personal opinions in the norms of the time in which the decision is attained. This is utterly ridiculous. It in fact implies that we have no law, that law is fluid, that law can be daily changed, and is the sole prerogative of the justices of the Supreme Court. If that is in fact the way our (what once was) republic functions, we are in very serious trouble. No society can survive for any reasonable time without anchors binding that society to a stable and understood by the population set of rules. Once that is changed to a system wherein the judicial, legislative or executive branches of government can alter law the system becomes a means of oppression through selective enforcement.

                     Selective enforcement is attained the moment that the legislative enforced and judicially interpreted laws become so voluminous that the people are unable to understand the legal system. It has been estimated that in 2014 the law has become so entangled and so huge that every American stands in violation of some rule or statute five times a day, without even knowing it. This has now reached the point at which we might as well have no laws, for if a branch of government can without the input of the people alter the laws agreed upon, law ceases to be relevant. The degradation brought on by these two issues; “living document, and selective enforcement” will without question bring an end to the Republic.

                     Another progressive endeavor has ben in education. The rapid change in primary education to eliminate “Constitutional Republic” replacing it with “Democracy” began in the late 60’s. Today it is universal that when you ask a HS student what form of government America has he will respond with, “America is a Democracy”. The fact that no democracy in history has ever survived is never mentioned. It is a system wherein the people learn that they can through their elected legislators vote themselves benefits, food stamps, racial preferences, child care & support, counseling, disability, education, employment assistance, energy assistance, environmental aid, grants, racial preferences, scholarships, fellowships, healthcare, housing, insurance co-pay, loans, Medicaid, Medicare, social security, and more, politicians will provide those, to develop a political support group, while the citizen thinks he is getting something free of charge. Unfortunately nothing in life is free except love.

                     The gift of the liberal establishment, i.e. the progressive socialist to America is our decline as a nation, the end of the dollar as world reserve currency, and the social and economic collapse of our nation into third world status. They have no vision, they have no plan, and they have instead hope, change and forward, three absolutely meaningless words. We have no national foreign policy save “Arab Spring” the Hillary concocted fiasco that has turned the entire Middle East up-side-down. Our roll as the guarantor of world order is playing itself out as the acts of ineptitude of an administration that is clueless. This is the end of an era, the time of America has been ended by the Obama administration. Regardless of your political and social position, this is of no benefit to America or the world. Obama’s and his progressive allies myopic world-view is of little benefit to anyone. The administrations concerted racist positions on domestic issues and policy likewise is counter-productive especially for all minorities.

                     The deleterious effect of government provided services, paid for one would assume by taxes upon the entire population, is a scam. The beneficiary enrolment continuously grows, eventually creating a two-class society. As state welfare rolls expand (47 million on food stamps, 59 million on Social Security) those who pay into the system become fewer, the middle class disappears and the remnants are all poor and lower class, leaving a small extremely wealthy 5 percent. This is exactly what has happened in America in the last four decades. A total repeat of the fall of the Roman Empire.

                     America was founded upon self-reliance, industry, and small business. The plutocrats that are the principal supports of progressivism, and let me make it clear Obama fundraisers of $ 35,000 per dinner with the president, which are common as muck; are not representative of the middle class. Progressive Republocrats have striven to destroy small business especially manufacturing, for the last four decades. With the globalist enactment of NAFTA, CAFTA and the 2013 expansion of “Free Trade” multinational corporations succeeded in the elimination of 56,000 small manufacturing enterprises and 11.7 million blue collar jobs. Noteworthy is the fact that these were the highest paid jobs for non-college graduate in America. The result being, K-Mart, Target, Wall-Mart that are a huge multinational conglomerate that are self-involved in trade, manufacture (all overseas) distribution, and retail sales. The horrific effects of this on the societies of production as well as consumption have created wastelands in every marketplace not only in America but also in the nations of production. Finding an American made product in any of these retailers can be an adventure. The further reduction of quality goods, and variety of products and downsizing of product as well as lower quality, is well known. Consider only the book industry, in the 70’s and 80’s my books were sold by hundreds of independent book retailers, Costco, Sam’s club and B J’s, never mind the rest of them Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble etc. will not sell my books, primarily on a judgmental basis because they disagree with me socially, and politically, but most importantly because I attack their trade practices.

                           Multinationals all function in identical and predictable manner as dictated by the progressive mantra. It is in fact the rule of Jewish business often referred to as globalism and internationalism. It has been part and parcel of Jewish business from the beginning of the diaspora. The rules are simple. 1) Produce in the lowest cost labor market.  2) Produce in the country that has the least regulatory burden. 3) Seek a market where labor organizations are by government discouraged. 4) Seek the market with the least amount of regulatory social and economic regulations and one that does not have product liability laws. Let’s understand this. Norway and Switzerland have the highest labor costs at over $ 60 per hour. Mexico has the second lowest at $6.48, American average manufacturing labor is $35.53. (1) Additionally an American manufacturer has to cover, product liability insurance (about 12% of product cost) Social Security equal co-pay of workers tax, Workman’s compensation insurance, local and state taxes, federal taxes, OSHA, EPA, Labor Department rules, IRS regulations, unemployment insurance, Mexico has none of those. Today the actual cost with overhead for a manufacturer in America is $46.18 per hour while in Mexico cost is about $8.43. Since means of manufacturer in both nations are identical, I defy anyone to explain to us how an American manufacturer can compete with a Mexican one for the same product. Free Trade is the “Trojan Horse” brought to America by multinational corporations, which with many lies have induced the population to accept a self-destructive process and implement it as national policy.


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(1) BLS statistic.

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