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The horrible outcome of demographic change


The horrible outcome of demographic change.

Dr. A. H. Krieg


The identical demographic changes are taking place all over America. We lived in New Hampshire from 1982 until ’98. Next to NH over the river is Vermont, which had already elected the past mayor of Burlington to the House in 1991; in 2007 he became a senator. Bernie Sanders is an unapologetic socialist who runs as an independent and who immigrated to VT from NYC. Today Bernie remains the only elected socialist (who admits being one) in the American federal legislature. From 1980 to 1990 thousands of socialists from NY and MA moved to VT in order to enjoy the freedom, low taxes, and libertarian politics. By 1991 they outspent and outnumbered the local Vermonters who were mostly agrarians. The state went so radically left that even transplanted New Yorkers were amazed. Today VT is socialist and progressive democrat in political structure.

In 1980 New Hampshire was the most conservative and in fact libertarian state in America. Unfortunately for the residents it’s only 45 miles from Nashua NH to Boston MA. The tax situation as well as politics in MA was by 1984 a total disaster. What where the people to do? They moved by the many thousands to NH and immediately began voting for the same type of morons they had in Massachusetts and who had destroyed their home state. Gradually after we left the state it turned progressive Democrat because new settlers now outnumbered the local long time residents Only one republican congressman is left and he’s not -worth a hill of beans. Today New Hampshire is a bastion of leftist, progressive democrats.

Nevada believe it or not used to be a Republican stronghold, but then the neighboring state on the left coast instituted an inventory tax for all businesses. In rapid succession business moved their warehousing operations to Nevada. Like NH Nevada did not have a sales tax. Thousands of Californians who could no longer afford the horrific costs of personal taxes, business taxes, fees, and licenses all began moving to NV. I had a warehouse and regional office in San Leandro near SF, we closed it. Today Nevada with the aid of a few billionaire casino owners elected Harry Reid, the worst thing that ever happened to America as their senator. Nevada shifted to the political left and is now in the hands of the progressives.

Texas is in the midst of the same sort of demographic shift. The Mayor of Houston is a Lesbian, that city council has two more lesbians, they just voted to require pastors to submit sermons and communications to the city council to make sure that they were not demeaning any fagots. So, it would appear to me that someone should send these deviants a copy of the Bill of Rights, pointing out article one. In the mean time the leftists in Travis County (the only Texas county that is democrat) entered a law suite against the governor whose primary cause was the arrest of Rosemary Lehmberg  (D) (a real witch) the county DA, for drunk driving her alcohol level was 0.239% three times the legal limit in Texas.

We, now live in Florida a state that has been changing as fast as all the above. We have well over one million illegals in the state, who knows how many of them vote. We have over ½ million Cubans in Miami and we have 2.5 million blacks. That’s OK, but we have over 1,000 Yankees moving into the state every single day. Most of these come from liberal or progressive states; they come to Florida to get away from the horrendous taxes, and oppressive government and lousy weather that they enjoyed up north. Naturally they have always voted Democrat, because that’s what their daddy did. So that’s exactly what they do here. People are creatures of habit, and habits are hard to break.

The question that we must ask is; are these people so dumb that they will vote in another load of leftists and allow them to finally end the American constitutional republic turning it into a socialist paradise?

The Blacks have been polled and 84% of them still approve of our president. We know that about 20% of democrats roughly 17% of the electorate would vote for a Democrat if they ran Lucifer. We are also apprised that government workers have seen dramatic rises in their salaries and will all vote Democrat, about 3 million. The gays, lesbians, and all perverts always vote democrat, think about that if you are a democrat. So the next question being where the hell does that leave the rest of us?

Now, before the election to consider the following facts:

The total number of employed Americans 2,000, –64.8%, 2014, –59%. Labor force participation 2,000, --67.4%, 2014, --62.7%. Private sector employment (those who pay the taxes) 2014 – 580,000 fewer than in 2,000. Overall private sector employment fell from 2,000 to 2014 by 6.4%, while public sector employment rose by 6%.  Manufacturing employment fell by 11.7 million jobs from 1992 to 2014. America lost 67,000 small manufacturing plants, the exact plants that pay the highest blue-collar salaries. Private home sales (existing homes) in 2,000 were 5,200,000 units in 2013 –4,200,000 units. New home sales 2,000 – 800,000 in 2014—420,000. Inflation from 1992 to 2013 was 107.4%. The national debt rose from $9.3 trillion to $17.864 trillion. Healthcare costs since the enactment of Obamacare have risen by 9.7%. Overall debt counting all payables by 2020 is projected to be $120 trillion.  Total unemployment when all, are counted is 24.4%, Black unemployment is 36%. Unemployment for Blacks who represent 40% of the government workforce is (when all are counted) almost double that of Whites. And people still vote for the same fools that their Pappy voted for.




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