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Another speech


Another speech!                                                     09.11.14

Dr. A. H., Krieg


He should have stayed on the golf course!


Another speech more BS! “MY highest priority is the security of the American people.” Would that include ambassador Stevens and his party, Seal Team six, the two beheaded American journalists, guess not. “We have consistently taken the fight to terrorists who threaten our country”. Would that include the five terrorists who were traded for an army deserter, or the Benghazi terrorists who attacked our legation, or the “September” contractors in Benghazi who deserted our people? Guess not. I’m confident that Messer’s Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff, who were both beheaded parents, now feel safer.

Then we heard about Tim Osman, oh, I apologize that’s his CIA cover name, when he worked for them, I meant to say Osama bin Laden, and then about al Qaida and our unprecedented success in eliminating this horrible threat that now runs Libya. And then we heard about the 140,000 troops brought home from Iraq, which allowed the development of ISIS, (ISIL more correctly) or the reality of the New Caliphate. Due to these Obama’s policies “we are now all safer”. Unfortunately we heard not a word about the “Arab Spring” that Hillary, as his Secretary of State had invented and which he strongly supported along with the Muslim Brotherhood; eliminating our friend in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak and replacing him with Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent of al Qaida. “We cannot erase every trace of evil…..small groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm”. So let me get this right, the Caliphate with its capital in Ar-Raqqah, which is a Sunni-Wahhabi-Salafist conglomeration and which has an army of about 80,000 in Syria and Iraq, is a small group of killers.

As a religious or history instructor Obama failed, just as he did as a lecturer on constitutional law! “ISIL is not Islamic”, Of course not they are all Hassidic Jews! “[ISIL] is not recognized by any government,” I would think, considering that the Caliphate has openly advertised that they plan to take over all Islamic nations that those governments would stand in opposition. However this has happened before, Salāh ad-Din the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, a Kurd, united Islam in the 11th century defeating the Christians of the Levant and establishing the second Caliphate, the Levant remained Muslim until 1948. Not declaring war on them because they are terrorists portrays an amazing lack of historic education, as well as military acumen.

We all know they are the bad guys, certainly from our perspective, but playing ostrich, calling them just terrorists, and a small bunch of killers omits the obvious, they have declared war on us and our masnsy-pnansy response is not likely to ingratiate us to our friends.  Sure they could come to America or Europe and carry out attacks, but much more urgent is the possibility of expansion of the caliphate in the Middle East, should the Caliphate expand into Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the Levant it would most certainly develop into WWIII.

Air strikes against an army larger than that of Viet Cong at the height of that war may slow them down, but it will not stop them. These people are bound by religious ideology, and a political concept that is over 1,000 years old. If we prevent their frontal assaults they will revert to the methods used by the Assassins, Nizari Ismailis of Persia and Syria, who for hundreds of years, during the crusades terrorized Islamic and Christian rulers alike. “The United States of America is meeting them with strength and resolve”. “Last month I ordered 150 successful air strikes”. Who’s kidding whom? 150 air strikes in a region the size of Texas, and only in Iraq not in Syria?

“I can announce with a new Iraqi government in place, …that America has a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat”. I for one would sure like to have a list of the members of the broad coalition membership. It was nice the hear from this source that Nouri al-Maliki the Shia stead-fast, whose policies single handedly destroyed the military he inherited and we spent billions to build and which Obama wholeheartedly supported, is finally part of past history.

Demonstrating his total lack of military experience he went on to formulate that we would destroy the Caliphate with air power. He opinions that through this with our partners, yet to be named, we will go on the offensive. “Moreover I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country”. I assume that would be the exact same way (he used the same words) as we did in the Benghazi incident. “This is the core principle of my presidency: if you threaten America, you will find no safe haven”. Is that another Syrian line in the sand?

“In June I deployed several hundred American service members to Iraq” Yes indeed, I remember that, they were to protect the $750 million embassy, the largest and most expensive embassy in world history. “Now we have sent an additional 475 service members to Iraq”. Now I’m really confused we have just under 1,500 troops in Iraq against an army of 80,000? “We are going to support the Kurdish forces with training”. OK we did that in Iraq for 11 years and in Afghanistan for 13 years and neither army is worth one US division. If past history is a barometer we may lose this one.

            Ramping up support for the mythical Syrian opposition strikes me as a failing policy, didn’t we do that as a Hillary suggestion and all the arms wound up in ISIL’s back pocket. Would a coalition with the Assad government not be to our advantage? They are already fighting the Caliphate and all we have done it obstruct their progress. Please stop with the, Mossad inspired Assad, terrorized his own people nonsense, the Assad family has been a fair and secular ruler of Syria for decades in which the Alawite Assad family protected all minority groups. With our new policies in Iraq we now have over one million Christian refugees and even more in Syria. Just as it was in Iraq before we liberated the Iraqis to their own societal destruction.

            “Working with our partners we will redouble our efforts to cut off its {Caliphates} funding”, (How? They are selling oil 40% below OPEC and have lots of takers, and they have about 1/3rd of the Iraqi treasury), “improve our intelligence”, (probably with more NSA spying on Americans) “strengthen our defenses”, (that will be difficult with a reduced defense budget of $450 billion and a reduced forces of 15% in the last 6 years), “and stem the foreign forces fighters into the Middle East”. Say, would that be with the same means as we are controlling our Mexican border?

            Pitifully late and as an apparent adjunct to the speech Obama mentions Christians, but not without Sunni and Shia Muslims and just a word about other religiously persecuted peoples. The fact that well over one million Christians have been forced out of the Caliphate region is not brought to bear in this speech. Just like the American Marine sergeant Tahmooressi held in a Mexican jail for six months, and over 100,000 petition letters to the White House, its not part of the presidential agenda, golf and vacations are on the front burner. “We will provide humanitarian assistance”, well why the hell not, we created the entire Middle East mess, we aught to fess up with something.

            This then according to Obama is his strategy! A dollar late and ideas in poverty. Everywhere world leaders are playing chess, and Obama’s clown speechwriters and jester advisors are playing basketball. He again announces that he will act unilaterally but welcomes congressional support. My only suggestion is perhaps he should read the Constitution once again, come to think of it, has he ever read it?  Then comes the ultimate promise, “no boots on the ground”. This is without question the greatest lie of world history, the following leaders all promised no boots on the ground, Hitler. Mussolini, FDR, LBJ, JFK, Kennedy, Churchill, in fact you name him regardless of nation and he promised no wars.

            Political theater more like a Kabuki now comes into play. “Next week marks 6 years since our economy suffered….” (Of course it’s all Bush’s fault!) And it still continues to suffer because we have progressives leading the parade. “—America is better position of today to seize the future than any other nation in the world”. Say, would that be; the falling dollar, the 7.4% annual inflation rate for ten consecutive years, the 24.4% unemployment rate, the continuously falling average middle income take home pay, down 6% in six years, the 9.4% rise in healthcare costs, the 107% rise in consumer prices since he took office, the 15% reduction in our military personnel, the 6% increase of government workers, the 7.5% decrease in private sector employment, the loss of 450,000 private sector jobs since 2008, the 100% increase in gasoline prices, the staggering increases of healthcare insurance, it is all the above?

            The following final four paragraphs are such rubbish, that I am omitting commentary on them.   


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