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Amazed and Befuddled


Dr. A. H. Krieg


Yesterday I saw a poll indicating that 41% of Americans still support Obama. Sorry, I simply don’t understand. What could be the basis, logic, or reason to support this president? This is the worst administration in the history of America! What part of this do remaining supporters not understand?

Let’s recap: Unemployment is up, inflation is up, bankruptcies are up, income levels are down, foreclosures are up, business expansion is non-existent, there is no growth in the economy, the dollar is down, gold is up, educational competency is down, domestic energy production has been doused into non existence, regulatory agencies are out of control costing American business an additional $ 2 trillion this year, the IRS just off-shored their collection business to India, the Fed has reached the end of ability to impact the markets, fossil fuel imports are at the highest levels in history, domestic energy productions sources are blocked by the administration, the list is endless.

The concept put forward by the administration that things would be worse if their actions had not been realized is patently wrong. Unemployment is up due to: regulatory actions of the administration, lack of leadership, poor and stupid tax law, and Obama’s actions on energy production, off-shoring even government jobs, and employing Czars that instead of helping the economy are driven by politically motivated socialist issues that destroy jobs. Just so that everyone understands those worst hit by this are blacks, Hispanics, and the poor, Obama’s touted constituency.

Nixon was a crook, Carter a fool, Clinton and Kennedy womanizers; Obama on the other hand is a perennial liar. He is a communist/socialist, and while other presidents also lied they were mere piker’s compared to Obama. His wife hates America and everything it stands for, and he is going to CHANGE America. Obama lies for no other reason than that it has become his means of communication. He lies to get what he wants. He lies to cover up other lies, he lies to build himself up and to take down his opponents, he lies about his family, and when he’s not lying about them  (Zeituni Onyango his aunt) he insures them as illegal’s, welfare, food stamps, or in the case of Onyango Obama his uncle, bail, and protection from deportation. He lies about his mother who married a known bigamist after he had impregnated her, he lies about his father a communist alcoholic, he lies about his education, his job as a lecturer, (Claimed to have been a professor) his stay at Columbia and Harvard, his employment at ACORN, his loss of his law license along with that of his wife, he lies about everything. This bastard, and that is exactly what he and Clinton are, would not know the truth if it bit him in the butt.

I am well over 70 years old and can confirm that never in my life have I come across such a liar. Recently he gave himself a birthday party in Chicago mostly at taxpayer’s expense. Considering the state of the economy and the fact that we have well over 24 million unemployed and underemployed citizens the funds could have found a better use. Two million dollars for King Obama and that was just the party, not the transportation and auxiliary costs covered by us. Shortly after that he bought a Canadian bus for a cool million, had it flown to Tennessee where they made two million dollars worth of modifications? The bus was flown to DC then the mid west and then flown from town to town while the president flew on Air force one; the bus was in a C 141-A transport. All this was to give several campaign speeches and was paid for by us not the DNC. Total costs are estimated at over $10 million, all this for four days use and then the bus was mothballed. (The bus could have been rented)

Obama’s wife has the demure fashion stile of a 9th avenue hooker. Both husband and wife behave more like social ghetto trash while presenting themselves as royalty. Foreign visits have led to such catastrophic social and political errors that foreign trips have been taken off the calendar with the exception of the third world. Hillary not being much better at this at least has an entire department of State to help her.

Now, just consider, if Bush were in the White House, his wife walked around in tight pedal pushers and had a butt the size of the rear of a bus. While Geroge spent 76 days playing golf while taking 15 vacations in just 32 months, then spent $2 million on a birthday party and $10 million on a bus trip to give speeches for his re-election campaign. Could you imagine the media storm? Hell, I did not like G.W., but in all honesty he was a thousand times better than Obama.

All this while the media is fawning and frothing at the mouth about everything connected with Obama. In fact it is my contention that if Obama walked out of the White House with an AK 47 and shot a dozen tourists ABC, CBS, CNBC, PBS and NBC would claim the act to have been good, beneficial and legitimate. The tourists should not have been there! I just saw a news program on MSNBC in which three bimbos jointly claimed that only Obama had the good of America on his mind. Bimbo eruptions!

How these media types with all their supposed education and social acumen continue to blindly support this administration with all their mistakes, and failed polices, is simply incomprehensible. We all make mistakes, when exactly is the Lamestream media going to admit that they backed and have been backing the wrong man? Will, they even wake up when they lose their jobs? Will they continue to support Obama looking forward to the about one billion dollars that he has accumulated for his massive media blitz for the 2012 election campaign? Is that in fact what this is all about, the monies that will be spent in the coming campaign by Obama and the DNC, that will have to be countered by equal spending of the Republicans?

Say, I have a great idea, why don’t the Republocrats take all the planned two plus billion dollars for the 2012 race and pay down the debt with it. We would all win! There is a new alternative to the Republocrats the American Third Position is a new political party called MP3, contact them at POB 54000 Grand Forks ND, 58206.


Dr. Krieg’s latest book is Rendezvous with the New World Order from all booksellers.

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