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Our Trip to Switzerland


Dr. A. H. Krieg


Let me prerequisite everything with the fact that Switzerland is very expensive, but that you get what you pay for. It also helps to understand the Swiss Frank (CHF) is without question the strongest currency on the world stage. This is verified by the fact that gold today sells in Swiss Franks for the same amount that it did a year ago; not exactly what we are experiencing in America at present. Additionally in the four weeks we were there the dollar fell from 0.84 to 0.81 CHF and as we all know the EURO is in Swiss Franks tanking.

The IMF has issued a warning about a potential EURO crisis that they anticipate will be “very costly” for the world economy, at the same time Moody has issued a warning about a potential downgrade of their rating of the dollar. The facts most commonly remaining unreported is that Greece and Iceland are bankrupt, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, are on the edge of a great precipice. We won’t even go to IL, CA, NY, OH and other American states whose finacial obligations look even worse than those in Europe.

In the mean time the Bilderbergers had their teat-a-teat at the exclusive Suvretta House in St Moritz one of the worlds most expensive resort locations and hotels, with near a published comment on the world finacial mess. The banksters are sworn never to broach the subject.

The EU central bank through the offices of the Brussels based European Congress has once again bailed out Greece thus encouraging Italy to follow suite and also be bailed them out, an unlikely scenario considering that Italy is the EU’s third largest economy, shades of California? The Germans who bear the brunt of continuously bailing out southern Europe are getting anxious, while the EU is pulling every possible trick to get Switzerland to join the EU, obviously to get at the Swiss Frank and the stable Swiss money. No chance; opposition to any joining of the EU by Switzerland has done nothing but grow, now consuming more than 85% of the Swiss electorate. Germany is developing a “Tea Party” like opposition to the political structure in Berlin, which is gaining momentum.

The world economic crisis that the political left likes to blame on the “Capitalist markets” is in fact a socialist construct, which came about through the relentless and unceasing spendthrift policies of the political left worldwide. Symptoms of this malady are more than apparent in; Greece’s lazy population that refuses to put in a full day’s work, Italy’s workers who spend more time consuming espresso than in fruitful labor, and a worldwide corrupt political system whose leadership unceasingly promotes more and better public services without any consideration of means to pay for same. The social systems established by the left are out of control, and financially unsustainable worldwide. Universal healthcare has long been the “Trojan Horse” of the socialists to attain their popular electoral majorities. However eventually you can rob Peter to pay Paul only as long as Peter has wealth, once that wealth is deflated the state as they are finally grasping, has become unable to continue funding all their pet projects of free education, free universities, free healthcare, fee drugs, etc. The fact that in America the top 20% pay 95% of the taxes has certain relevance here.

While all this is common knowledge the fact that the same psychopaths that destroy the national manufacturing base of producing nations through the use “Free Trade” remains unchallenged. With the destruction of American manufacturing the ability of the nation to absorb run-away socialist programs has basically evaporated. Germany in the mean time is boosting their manufacturing by exporting 200 Leopard tanks to Saudi Arabia and gads of naval vessels elsewhere.

The fact that the “Interventionist State” and world banking monopoly worldwide is the cause of the economic situation should be clearly understood by all. We are not in a caused failure of capitalist economics, after all the presently operating system was conceived by a socialist and is by its very nature a socialist contrivance. The “Fabian Socialist“ “monitory system”, under which the world has operated since the 1940’s; Keynesian economics, was brought about thought the efforts of John Maynard Keynes who was a member of the Fabian Society, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs and his RIIA and CFR supporters at a meeting in New Hampshire’s White Mountains after WWII. It took the world off the gold standard replacing it with fiat (paper) money that could by design of the Keynesians be backed by debt or by nothing. The dollar was in fact after that meeting, backed by debt until March of 2009 when it was monitorized and is now backed by nothing, and you wonder why we have 10+% annual inflation the government claims is 1.4%.

For the novice monitorysation is the process by which government bonds are offered for sale at prevailing interest rate and then, when they don’t sell the government buys them through printing more fiat money. This corrupt process is akin to taking funds out of your left pocket to pay of debt in your right pocket. Any private sector CEO trying the same sort of shenanigans would be in jail in a heartbeat, banksters are not required to play by the same rules as the rest of us as insider trading clearly demonstrates. In America’s case this has been taken one step further, but without success, by the FED offering a T-bill and T-notes at discounted price and with an inflation guarantee. The moment inventors realized that the government and private banking monopoly sets the inflation rate percentage and eliminates all those pesky items that have the highest inflation rate the jig, as they say was up, and American papers rapidly went out of style, as any Chinese economist will confirm.

The consequence of all these government and banking corrupt practices has been the continual rise in gold silver and oil, the CHF and the fall of dollar value. Many people do not realize that the fall of the dollar in value is called inflation and that the consequence of it is the continual increase in cost of everything we purchase. Other effects are to lower the cost of American goods in the export sector, but with most of our manufacturing base shut down through free trade policies that hardly makes much difference. While Swiss, German and north European nations do their best to support their manufacturing base, institutionalized American foreign and domestic policy has been to destroy American manufacturing. This concept grew out of Fabian economics and “futuristic” rubbish concepts that believe that the future is based on an “Information Society “. None has ever articulated how you build a car, house or machine tool out of information. These naïve’ concepts come from academia, socialist, community organizers and lawyers whose economic understanding is equivalent to that of a cat.

The most astounding thing in Switzerland was that the largest percentage of tourists was from China, Japan and Russia. The largest investors in the Swiss economy appear to be Russians and Arabs. Swiss Banking is running like a well-oiled Swiss watch, which by the way are available on Banhofstrasse in Zurich from about $1,000 up to over $ 40,000 the signs in the windows of the high priced jewelers are in Chinese, Russian Japanese and Indonesian, not in German or English. They, after all know whose buying.


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