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She who would be

Modified: 11-06-2015

She; who would be!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Before you consider voting for anyone, would it not be a good idea to check their credentials, accomplishments and past history? You-All did not do that the last two times around, ask yourself how did that work out? This article is only about the progressive (socialist) in the race, because she is the assumed Democrat nominee. I will assuredly get the Republican nominee when we get one. Actually the party running all this is the Republocrat party; just so you understand the Republican RINOS had a meeting with David Axelrod in early October to advise them on how to proceed against Carson and Trump. That sort of puts the picture in focus.

Before we even begin with Hillary I think we should re-cap how the “Clinton Foundation” and “The Clinton Global Initiative” actually work and what their purpose is. The purpose is simple; it is to enrich the Clintons and avoid US taxes. How it works requires some patient consideration. The foundations do not...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Open Letter

Posted 11-06-2015

 Mr. James Comey

Director FBI


Dear Director Comey,


I am now 77 years old and have lived in America since 1952 when I emigrated from Switzerland. I have been a citizen since 1957. My cultural doctorate is in manufacturing science in which I am also life certified by SME. I was proud to have voluntarily served in the US Army in the 50’s and 60’s, where I had top-secret clearance, due to which I was not permitted to visit Berlin. I served in a nuclear artillery unit in the cold war.  I fully understand and know all the legal requirements of such clearance, which are strict and carry severe penalties.

I have had the greatest respect for the FBI ever since, as a boy, two agents came to our home to interview my father about an airplane he had traveled on that was later destroyed in a bombing. They were professionals.

My concern is that our Justice Department has become totally politicized, as have most agencies with this administration. EPA, IRS, and BATF per example. Some of...

By:Adrian Krieg

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No More Green BS Please

Posted 10-06-2015

I’ve had enough! The endless rubbish from the environmentalist lobby and their willing workers requires response. Twenty reasons listed below!


1)     Man produces 3.27% of all global CO-2 annually, the 2014 volcanic eruption in Iceland (Eyjafilljokull) produced more CO-2 in one day than man has in the past 250 years, the oceans produce 16 times more CO-2 annually than man does at 52.32%.

2)     CO-2 has nothing to do with climatic change; plants inhale CO-2 and exhale oxygen, which mammals and other animals inhale. Climatic change is mostly caused by solar actions, and volcanic eruptions.

3)     The largest producer of CO-2 on land is the termite.

4)     According to NASA average global temperature has fallen in each of the last 20 years.

5)     The hockey stick graph produced by environmentalists (IPCC) is a) bogus, b) not based on fact. The IPCC used select proxies, misinformation, and unrepresentative facts to support a false agenda. The report demonstrates a rise in...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Monkey Business

Posted 09-30-2015

Monkey Business!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                        October 2015


Beginning in 1981 business and finance entered the new era,

Monkey Business became the hallmark of the end of the 20th

century and continuing well into the 21st.


In every business demeanor, ethical, and moral operation, are sidelined by greed, usury, and personal profit. No large business is exempt. Small business became the orphan, lost with the closing of over 57,000 small manufacturing businesses and the loss of over 11.7 million manufacturing jobs in just the last ten years. “Free Trade”, the “Trojan Horse” of the “New World Order” saw to the elimination of small and family business, what they did not quash was ruined by government loan policies and the Export Import Bank, which only provides funds to Boeing, GE and other globalist operations. The Export Import Bank should have been closed down eons ago; it only loans out tax money to huge...

By:Adrian Krieg

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What’s Wrong Here

Posted 09-30-2015

What’s Wrong Here?                                                          09.29.15

Dr. A. H. Krieg


For the last few days I have been inundated with face book as well as e-mails from Europe about all the demonstrations against asylum seekers in Europe. The matter remains totally unreported in America, including the huge numbers of protestors in large cities often over 300,000. The fact that 75% of asylum seekers are males between 19 and 45 (1) is not reported, and neither is the fact that 54% are not from Syria, and that 200,000 Afghans are departing for Europe every month. Obviously this scenario does not coincide with the Lamestream multicultural BS/PC and is therefore simply omitted from the all news. With the closing of The Nationalist Times, these sorts of facts will now no longer be in the public eye.

Putin meets Obama at the UN no one knows what transpired or the plain fact that Putin won the argument. Putin is right on Syria, everyone in Europe agrees with that, but...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Something you should know - Thats not reported

Modified: 09-29-2015

Giving money and power to legislature

Is like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenager.  P. J. O’Rourke

The FRS and the US Treasury along with the entire rest of the government is lying about our financial status.


The bond market.

The value of bonds always moves reverse of interest rates.

When prime interest rates go up bond values go down.

If you are holding a $1000 bond that will on maturity pay 3% interest and the FED ups the interest rate to 4% the value of you bond falls because no one will buy it.

A new bond will pay higher interest so your bond will have to be discounted to sell, to $ $900.  

The FED presently owns $4.7 trillion of their own bonds at from 1% to 2 % these were issued when prime interest rates were 0.05%

So if they raise interest rates from the present 0.05% to say 2.3% the entire system will become insolvent.


The National Debt.

The National Debt as of today is $18.4 trillion.

About 8% of the federal budget goes to servicing the national...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Something stinks

Posted 09-29-2015

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Latest Report from the COMEX:


Paper to silver ratio is 338 to 1.

In other words for every ounce of silver on deposit there are 338 paper certificates that are unbacked by actual silver.

The market is now very short, most dealers are unable to deliver actual silver it’s just not available.


Gold is because of value is worse: the ratio of gold is 228 to 1.

In other words for every ounce of gold on deposit there are 228 paper certificates that are unbacked by actual gold. 

The problem with gold is that there isn’t any in storage in reasonable amounts.


LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) does not allocate gold by serial number to accounts. So if you have a deposit slip for gold it most likely is a promissory note to pay, that is unbacked by actual gold. The Swiss Physical Gold Fund allocates ownership by SR # on the bar. BLMA uses Fractional Reserve Banking whereby they are required to hold 10% of actual product and can issue 90% paper promissory...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Four things you should know

Modified: 09-09-2015


No more government and Obama BS!

According to Obama and the FRS everything financial is peachy keen.

  1. The recovery story is a myth.
  2. Above the national debt we have another $ 4.5 trillion in “Quantetive Easing”.
  3. Above the $18.7 trillion national debt the FRS has bailed out banks with another $16.4 trillion off the books. Total bank bailouts of $ 39.6 trillion.
  4. The value of the dollar due to inflation is falling.
  5. The actual total fiat in circulation is $ 250 billion.
  6. There is about $500 billion in dead money, held by individuals and business.
  7. Total USA spending is about $11.4 trillion
  8. All other spending is through credit.
  9. Citizens spend mostly credit not cash.
  10. Credit can disappear overnight.
  11. Americas credit system is insolvent.
  12. Our entire manufacturing distribution and retail systems are based on credit.  If credit shuts down we are finished as a nation.
  13. Cash is king if credit falters.
  14. There is at this time $57 trillion in credit in use that’s about three times...

By:Adrian Krieg

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The Great Deception

Posted 08-25-2015

“Mainstream Media”, and by that I infer the progressive left wing media, that comprises American information and news, has of late been abuzz with stories of the crack-up of the political right, and the coming success of Hillary Clinton as our next president. The assertion is, that progressive socialism is the inevitable progression of society, and is the endemic outcome that will result in the final stage of man’s economic and social development. Friedrich-August-von Hayek, the considered dean of “Laissez-faire” economic philosophy would, I am confident disagree. The Austrian School of Libertarian Economics will in the end be the one to prevail. I know this to be fact because I have witnessed the failure of one socialist economy after another well over 20, including those of communist Russia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Etc. Fascisti Italy and Nazi Germany. Hayek is without doubt the most influential and best economist of the 20th century. Even though Hayek was a Nobel Prize recipient...

By:Adrian Krieg

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The Situation

Posted 08-25-2015

The Truth

The dollar is a promise of exchange based on value set by bankers.

Physical gold and silver is a completed transaction based on the

perceived value of asset by both parties.


Dire! That’s our situation. The American Middle Class is systematically in a planned manner being destroyed. It is the plan of the New World Order. What that is will be explained later. First you must come to know and understand exactly what is taking place, only after that will you understand why and who is responsible.

American workers are the most productive in the world, they work more hours, have less time off, and have shorter vacations than anyone else in the world. Productivity increases just since 1990 have doubled. In that time corporate profits have doubled. Average American workers income has fallen, in fixed dollar value every year since 1955. The economy has expanded by 83% in the same timeframe. The stock markets have grown from 2,185. In-1980 to 18,440 by 2015. It is much worse...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Organized labor in the 21st centur

Modified: 07-22-2015

08.01.15 – Swiss Independence Day


As a disclaimer I have never liked organized labor, because I think in this time it is an idea out of time. Let me clarify that. At the time of the Industrial revolution 1750’s and well into the 1920’s labor was badly treated and taken advantage of by employers. Some counter to that was societally necessary to stop exploitation of workers. Labor unions served that purpose. Today Labor Unions, and by that I mean every one of them, serve but two purposes; 1) to fiancé the Democrat political machine and 2) to enrich those apparatchik’s that run the unions.

For 37 years I ran Widder Corporation a small manufacturing enterprise, which at peak had 112 employees. The AFL/CIO, and Teamsters both tried to unionize my workers, they failed miserably when the worker’s concluded that the deal they got from me was far better than anything the unions could offer. My workers had full health care, profit sharing, pension trusts, and access to my office anytime...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Posted 07-22-2015

We all remember the story of Pandora’s box; all the evil of the world was within. When it was opened it poured out onto the world, horrified she slammed the box shut just before Elpis (Hope) had a chance to escape. The Greek situation is many things to many people, democracy, sovereignty the collective community and work, the last being paramount. Some claim it is about collective punishment; it is not that. What the Greek situation is about is a population that is jointly state dependent, will not pay their taxes, is socialist and communist to the core and expects the rest of the EU membership and America to continue into the unending future to bail them out of their mismanaged economy. 

Astonishing is the position of EU member states, whose legislative bodies along with European media are fine with the continuing bailouts, that have become the hallmark of European finance. The populations, especially in Germany, are diametrically opposed to further bailouts. The roaring silence...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Stars and Bars

Posted 06-30-2015

Dr. A. H. Krieg  (Past member of LoS)

The false history taught in American public Schools is truly sad. But then when we consider the formative education of Barack Hussein Obama in a Madrassa in Indonesia, nothing he alleged surprises us. The rest of America should know better.

America has a huge problem comprising three differing issues. These impact false acceptance of history as taught by the winners. All written history is the product of those who win in conflicts; their observations are usually wrong, being based in concepts of vilifying their previous opponents, in order to justify their brutality. (Reconstruction and Sherman’s march to Atlanta, that resulted in the Posse Commutates Act) In regards to the Confederate Flag the issue has been turned into a racial conflict, the Civil war (War of Northern Aggression) had in its inception by Lincoln and the Republican Party nothing to do with slavery. Slavery had already been abolished in England on August 1. 1833, South...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Posted 06-30-2015

Dr. A. H. Krieg

For the second time the Court has ruled that the written word of law of Obamacare is inconsequential and that the Court can reach decisions not based on written law but on the personal wrong opinions of a majority of Judges. Every member of the court who voted for this travesty should be impeached. Roberts has shown his true colors; Roberts is a socialist! Those who believe in the fiction of the constitution as a “living document”, in other words that judges have the right based on personal opinion to read whatever they like into law do not understand democratic principles or concepts of jurisprudence as written in the Constitution.

America is a republic. Based on the principle that we are not governed by opinion of either the majority or by those of the Judiciary but by a set of written laws; our Constitution. Robert’s and his associates have turned our nation into a democracy…more clearly mob rule. We can now dispense of the Constitution and Bill of Rights...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Reality check

Posted 06-23-2015

Reality check!


Consider now


Assuming that you have the ability of logic let me pose some questions:        

Why are we experiencing racial attacks on a weekly basis? Why is there such an inordinate increase of violence? Why has societal order been overturned? Why have our police become adversarial to our people? What is the purpose of militarizing our police forces? Why do our southern borders remain open? Why do we as a society tolerate insane people openly in our midst? Why is the media and banking in concert with this? How are all these issues related?


Are you thinking?

            Let me propose some thought:

All of the aforementioned are related. There is an organizational structure controlling all these issues.  The purpose is to make people insecure and afraid so that some external group can manipulate the society. People in fear will chose claimed safety over freedom! The creation of a modern police state is in development. Police and military management are...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Trade and TPP

Posted 06-17-2015

TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is an intended treaty involving 14 nations, essentially an expansion of “Free Trade” the “Trojan Horse” of multinational and globalist interests. The planned treaty consists of 29 chapters only 5 of which deal with trade, not unlike NAFTA that comprise two entire books and over 1,000 pages of text.  The intended treaty will encompass 40% of the worlds GNP. 600 multinational corporations are the authors of the plan and members of the “partnership”. It is the largest planned international treaty ever considered in world history. The treaty will cover international relationships between Banking, Internet, Labor, Hospitals, Healthcare, as well as environmental issues. TPP is secret; no portion of it has been released. Congressmen are allowed to read it but must submit any notes to review (censorship); no one outside the 600 multinationals has a full copy. We know this from the three chapters revealed by Julian Assange of WIKILEAKS. The American US...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Are we all cowardly

Posted 06-03-2015

 For 1200 years suffering and oppression were the hallmarks of human existence; then about 700 years ago in 1291 a change took place, the people of the three Cantons in Switzerland shook off the existing feudalistic system. Then 500 years later America arrived on the scene to finalize the social change signaling the final end to feudalist society.

Things went along well until the 60’s generation, academic fools, and the Lamestream precipitated the cacophony of progressivism turning everything up-side-down and millions of Western citizens bought into the progressive nightmare with which we now live. It was not a new event, TR had begun it, and Wilson with the aid of Colonel House expanded it. 

Academia and Christian Churches, which in previous time were the stalwarts of our Republic and way of life, pulled the switch and turned off the enlightenment of Western Civilization, changing it into night. In America as well as Europe and with the communist invented Cultural Marxism, now...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Say NO to Hillary Clinton in 2016

Posted 05-15-2015

By:Adrian Krieg

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Total Absolute Incompetence & Criminality

Posted 04-17-2015

As a certified engineer, expert witness, and corporate manufacturing and management turn-around specialist, with over 40 years experience, I am qualified to comment on management competence.

In all my time in industry and manufacturing I have never seen incompetence on the scale of the executive branch of our government. It is so bad that many, me included, are supporting the theory that the deleterious acts of Obama and company are purposeful and planned. It seems to me impossible, that any group of individuals could screw up so much, so fast, without a plan purposing it. From Barack Obama, (The JV team) to Hillary Clinton, (“What difference does it make”) 30,000 E-mails deleted from private server of Sec. of State. Refused Server access to congressional oversight committee, massive foreign funds to Clinton Foundation as sec. of state, $26 million private corporate contributions to Clinton Foundation as sec of state; to Eric Holder,  (first contempt of congress AG ever), to...

By:Adrian Krieg

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They are all wrong

Modified: 04-07-2015

Yes, it’s a fact, the economists, banksters and politicians have been wrong in their economic predictions and their proposed solutions for the last 50 years, certainly since the Bretton Woods Conference.

The basic economic theory being; that based on economic trends they are able to stimulate economic growth by manipulating the value of fiat, and interest rates. These short-term efforts used by banking and government has never in history succeeded and never will. The most pronounced failure has been Japan which has attempted to QE itself out of a failing economy for 20 years. Standing in a bucket and pulling on the handle does not raise the bucket or its occupant.

Politicians in an inane desire for re-election press QE monitory expansions in desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable economic downturn. All economic activity in free markets is cyclical, but bankers in 1913 claimed that they could control free markets by manipulating interest rates, government borrowing, and...

By:Adrian Krieg

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The Economy now

Modified: 04-01-2015

 A very quick overview.

  1. Federal Debt; total public debt:  2,015,
    1. Federal (Quantetive Easing) 28% (not listed in total debt)
    2. Foreign investors            34%
    3. Domestic private investors 14%
    4. Federal Reserve 13% (not listed in total debt)
    5. Local and state governments 5%
    6. Miscellaneous 6%
  2. Credit market instruments; Liability levels: 2,000, $26,000 billion 2015, $90,038 billion. (L.1)
  3. M2 money stock: 2,000 ratio: 2.2 2014, ration: 1.0.
  4. Homeownership Rate: 2,000, 67.5% 2015, 62%
  5. Private sector employment % 2,000, 64.5% 2015 56%.
  6. Civilian labor force participation: 2,000, 67.5% 2014, 62.3%.
  7. Unemployed 25 to 54 years of age; 2,000, 8% 2014, 12%.
  8. Black unemployment 2014, 16 to 20 years of age 41%.
  9. Total real unemployment 2015, 24.4%
  10. Real median income per household: 2,000, $57,000, 2014, $52,000.
  11. Acreage income numbers by percentage:
    1. 39% under $39,000
    2. 52% under $30,000
    3. 63% under $40,000
    4. 72% under $50,000
  12. Consumer price index: 2,000, 165, 2014, 245. (Based on 1982 ...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Obama Reality

Modified: 03-19-2015

With a media that is comatose or else in the same sleeping bag as Obama our people are unaware of economic reality. The insane lies from the entire alphabet soup of federal agencies relating to our economic situation can only be described as ludicrous. Fact appears hard to come by so lets all be enlightened.

  • 11 states, now have more people on government welfare than are employed.
  • The average dole beneficiary now collects $186.00 per day.
  • The average American income is about $ 50K, which is $137.13 per day.
  • So welfare beneficiaries are paid $30 per hour workers average $20.

Why is this so? Well, it’s actually very simple. Beginning with FDR every president had at minimum 30% employed in their administrations that had previously been employed in the private sector. That counts 19 presidents. The lowest were Carter, Clinton and Kennedy but all were 30% or above. The process is called vote buying, all Republocrats participate but Democrats excel. Obama’s presidency has a...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Vladimir Putin

Modified: 03-17-2015

Modern zionist media is relentless in attacking Putin. He has by the Lamestream, in the eyes of Americans been turned into a demon. Is it not relevant or even published that he is a Russian Orthodox Christian. Considering the long Jewish dominance of the “evil empire” Soviet state by Jews that becomes understandable. One would think that we already have a new war in planning stages and really don’t need a further confrontation with Russia. The war against the Caliphate, of our own construction I might add, seems to be enough to keep us busy for some time. I do want to say clearly that it has absolutely nothing to do with America, have no impact on us in any way. The entire war on terror is nothing but a construct to keep our eyes off the machinations of our millionaire political elite. While our clueless educators and academics keep telling our children that we are the most peaceful nation of history, realty indicates that in the last 200+ years of our existence we have been at war...

By:Adrian Krieg

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What you know, what you suspected, and what the facts are

Posted 01-23-2015

What you know, what you suspected, and what the facts are.

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                                            Feb 1 2015


You know unless you are comatose that we now have a national debt (on the books) of $18.6 trillion. What you probably don’t know is that all those quantified easing’s and monthly $85 billion and then $50 billion infusions into the economy add another $7.3 trillion. I suspect that you are aware that the government has unfunded liabilities but you probably don’t know that the entire American economy produces $14.6 trillion but we have $127 trillion of unfunded liabilities. You might if you believe Obama think America is on the mend, however our actual last quarter 2014 lost more corporations than were created, this is the first time this has happened. Actual GDP growth is now 0.03%, in other words its flat. While Washington keeps telling you that we have a 6.5% unemployment rate, they...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Another Promise More Mendacity

Posted 01-23-2015

Another promise more mendacity

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                        The day after the address 01.20.15


This year we change that.


I must have been mistaken but I seem to recall that progressive CHANGE was promised in 2008. Our economy is growing, yes indeed, for the first time in over 30 years America has lost more corporations than it created. Our unemployment rate statistical counting system was changed in 2,000 so that now on paper we have less unemployment than we had in 2008, unfortunately if we use the previously used method of counting real unemployment is at 14.3%. And yes more kids are graduating than ever before, our population has grown, and we have scores of illegals, but we are not graduating engineers, scientists, mathematicians or rocket designers we are graduating healthcare workers. Just as a comment we do not have more people insured in fact we have fewer Americans insured and their healthcare insurance...

By:Adrian Krieg

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