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About lying and impeaching

Posted 12-27-2019

  1. Obama’s point man for Ukraine was VP Joe Biden. Joe suggested his son Hunter for a position the board of Directors of Burisma for his son Hunter to the CEO of Burisma. Hunter had been thrown out of the Navy for cocaine addiction. Hunter does not speak Russian or Ukrainian and has zero knowledge of the fossil fuel industry. Burisma, the largest energy company in Ukraine that is corrupt to the core, hires Hunter at a monthly salary of over $85,000 per-month.
  2. Joe visits Ukraine and has a meeting with the president thereof. The Ukrainian president has an investigation of Burisma in progress. Joe tells the Ukrainian president to fire his prosecutor into Burisma within six hours, or he will block promised over one billion dollars of foreign aid. (A federal crime on three levels)
  3. Trump has a telephone conversation with the Ukraine president. The Democrats claim that Trump committed a crime by asking the Ukrainian president to look into Burisma and Hunter Biden’s position on the board...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Impeachment BS

Posted 12-27-2019

The articles of impeachment sent to no-one mean absolutely nothing. The constitution is very clear on this issue. The House shall send the voted on impeachment articles to the Senate for trial. Furthermore Nancy has no input how the Senate adjudicates the matter. The House shall appoint  their prosecutors the Senate sits as jury, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall be the ruling judge. There is no impeachment untill the case has been presented to the Senate and the Senate has voted on the matter.

The case is so weak that Nancy already knows that the charges will be eliminated and Trump found innocent in trial by the Senate. This monumental wast of treasure about $65-million total in the last three years and time has been by the Democrats—all of who should be voted out of office in 2020.


By:Adrian Krieg

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For Fear of the Tribe

Posted 12-27-2019

For Fear of the Tribe                                                           1,408 words 12.21.19

Dr. A. H. Krieg



           No matter what you do for them, however, you help them, employ them, exonerate them, accept them into your society, let them live with you, whatever you do for any Tribe member, they will betray you, steal from you, disrupt your society, and double-cross you at every possible opportunity. No? Well, what about the Trump impeachment that is totally staffed by Judaists? I will now be called a Nazi and anti-Semite, a horrible evil person, someone who does not understand. But I do understand because I lived and worked in NYC for over ten years. NYC has a Tribe population of 14%, the highest percentage outside Israel. I have visited their stolen country. I saw want they are doing in Gaza, the world's largest concentration camp, I saw how they are colonizing the West Bank, and I read their plan for the Middle East the nine-page Oded Yinon Plan, which...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Whose Impeachment

Posted 12-18-2019

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. While this is a law of physics, it is also applicable to politics. 19-minutes after President Trump was sworn into office the Washington Post, now, one of America’s worst news-sources, announced the beginning of efforts to impeach Donald Trump. Lord knows the progressives tried and tried for 3-years un-relentlessly, they failed. The two charges brought by the DNC, i.e. Nader, were Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.

            Abuse of Power:

            This charge is bogus because we have the transcript of the conversation and all the relevant dates, as well as the statement of President Trump and Zelensky. Nader claims that Trump forced Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and their complicity in Burisma Holdings. According to both presidents, there were no known funds withheld from Ukraine except by Obama in the previous administration, and the foreign aid of $391 was made; in fact, Zelensky was...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Posted 12-11-2019

If, and when Hillary Clinton announces that she will run for president in 2020, Barack Hussein Obama will immediately endorse her!  It’s another nail into Biden’s coffin, and a slap in the face for all those other running dems.

By:Adrian Krieg

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The BoTox Queen

Posted 12-11-2019

Nancy BoTox Queen Pelosi, Speaker of the House, presented her non-existent case for her faux impeachment charade’ last Friday. It seems she also located a copy of the Constitution that She, Schiff and Nader have been strenuously circumventing for weeks. She said, “Impeachment has nothing to do with politics!” The entire process is nothing but politics, which is proven by the fact that they have not in three years turned up one shred of evidence of any impeachable act. When Larry O’Donald on MSNBC exonerated and idolised Nancy and absolved her of hate, I was amazed—the entire process is about Hate—I won’t hold my breath but hope that ADL and SPLC will soon come to see Nancy as a Hate Group, as they have me. Hate among other things is doxing Tulsi Gabbard (D HI.) a military veteran, for like Trump, opposing foreign wars. Hate is trying to impeach a duly elected president without Leagal cause. Hate is wagging your finger in journalists faces for asking questions you don’t like and...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Another This Time Real Whistleblower

Posted 12-11-2019

Shortly after the reported poison gas attack in Syria back in April 2018, I said it was a lie. There were several reasons for this. 1) Syria had already won the battle of Douma. 2) UN reported that the weapons were launched from a Caliphate controlled region. 3) Bashar a-Assad would not gas his own people. Last week OPCW The international chemical and bacteriological weapons investigations agency has admitted that senior management of their own organization had purposely withheld crucial evidence the Assad and the Syrian military were not responsible for the attack. On the basis of this, probably Mossad supplied, misinformation America and England attacked Syria. The time has now come to make financial retribution for our wrong and stupid jump to conclusion—the Mossad did it to us in Iraq and is now trying for Iran. Stop listening to ziocons!


My new book “Race—Sex—Truth” 194pp is now out $35.00 plus S&H from


By:Adrian Krieg

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Who’s the Whistle Blower

Modified: 12-02-2019

The qualification for the position, that, by the way, is not a whistleblower but a leaker because he did not hear the conversation, making it court inadmissible. We know the required qualifications, from statements leaked by Schiff:

  1. Speak Russian and Ukrainian,
  2. Be an expert on the Ukraine
  3. Was employed by the CIA
  4. Was a card carrying member of the DNC
  5. Worked for Obama
  6. Also worked for Trump
  7. Knows Victoria Nuland
  8. was acquainted with Col Alexander Vindman.

The only person that I can find that meets that profile is Eric Ciaramella. Nuland is a career State Department diplomat who is also a DNC member, of the never-Trumper movement.

Col. Vindman is an Army officer never-Trumper, also a DNC member, and was on the Telephone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president.

Both worked for Obama.

Organized by Brennan and Enacted by Schiff, advertised by CNN, MSNBC the Washington Post and NT Times.

And that's the end of the story.




By:Adrian Krieg

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Der Zirkus

Posted 11-25-2019

            For over the last three years Americans have been subjected to a circus; thank you very much Nancy and DNC. Perhaps I am not fair, in blaming solely Nancy, after all there are many clowns in this circus. We should all consider the primary ring masters Obama and Clinton, then there are the Deep State buffoons; James Clapper, Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates, all certainly fit the clown playbill. The new word is “Spygate” the relentless efforts by the DNC to undo the 2016 election, even into the 2020 election cycle. This is a very new sort of circus, its a true American first. These people, consumed with hate for losing an election, will have wasted four years in a fruitless effort that has damaged the office of presidency, impeded resolution of trade issues including NAFTA and CAFTA that have been approved by Mexico as well as Canada, refused to vote on infrastructure, refused to settle the Dreamers problem, blocked resolution of the...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Modified: 11-18-2019

We have not shipped our new book Race—Sex—Truth to you yet. It’s not our fault. We got our paged and cover designed book to our printer in October before Adrian’s birthday. It has been languishing there ever since. As we returned form the 100th anniversary 3rd Infantry Division meeting Monday the 18th of Nov. at Jekyll Island and Fort Stewart GA we got a real shock. Our printer Steuben Press president Adam Ellis informed us that one of his employees said he would quit if the book was printed. Adam said he was talking to his lawyer and would advise us shortly. We were unaware that our printers snow flakes employees dictate company policy. We will keep you informed. Censorship is well and alive all over the Fruited Plain so far we lost Lightning source, tried LuLu both of which dumped us, lost our international distributor Ingram, have had our Internet site continuously attacked, had our company telephone number cancelled, have been branded by SPLC and ADL as a hate group and had our...

By:Adrian Krieg

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News Release

Posted 10-16-2019

A2Z Publications LLC


Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE




We are pleased to announce that according to academia on the internet that Dr. Krieg’s articles and papers were used by over 143 academics in the last 30 days for references on their papers.


 Dr. Krieg was interviewed by NHK-NY Sam Suzuki, the Japanese TV network NYC office in late August the item was run in Tokyo recently.


 Dr. Krieg was also interviewed by Telemundo The Tampa office of Hispanic network at A2Z home office the item was Ron the day after the interview.


 A2Z Publications through Dr. Krieg now writes for The Nationalist Times, The Sovereign, The Free Magnolia, the Citizen Informer, monthly.









By:Adrian Krieg

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A Statistical Shit Storm

Modified: 10-15-2019

Today I heard of some new statistics; they said that 51% of Americans support the impeachment of Donald Trump. I think its BS. They said they polled 1000 Americans. OK, where in LA or NYC?

The relentless lies by media and progressives is simply astounding. No one, not one single person, has to date said what Trump would be impeached for.  Sorry about that; some did, but their cases were delusional. You cannot impeach a president because you don’t like him, because he is crass, because he likes women, because you don’t like the increased employment, higher stock market, lower food stamps, lower CO-2 output, American energy independence. The latest after a long list of reasons for impeachment is a PUBLISHED telephone conversation between Trump and another president, which was parodied by a lying dirt-bag congressman, repeated by the Speaker, supported by a here-say CIA annalist whose information would not be admissible in any court of law.

Don’t kid yourself the media, deep state...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Posted 10-08-2019

I predict a massive problem in credit. It appears that banks are overextended in mortgages and construction loans. The FED has just announced that they are upping monthly bank support from US $75-billion to over US $165-billion until mid-December. J.P. Morgan chase, as well as Bank of America, have predicted negative interest rates by the end of the year. Several EU nations already have negative interest rates. Only Judaists were abbe to get bank lines of credit; they are now also out. This is obstructing world trade because exporters of goods are unable to get bank guaranteed LC’s. Then to top it all off, the moronic Democrats in the House are not approving the North American Free trade deal, or infrastructure or healthcare, and have held up every presidential proposal in an effort to cause depression so that they can have something to run on.


Buy Silver now—just went up another 0.40 cents today ( 9:40 AM 10.08.19 )


It is now obvious that J.P. Morgan Chase has been...

By:Adrian Krieg

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The Conquest of America is on

Posted 10-07-2019

America is under war footing. The DNC, Speaker and Minority leader of the Senate have declared it. The war is an invasion of immigrants. The fee grants have been published, by all the Democrat politicians running for the presidency. Free welfare, free healthcare, free food stamps for immigrants. Their cost is minimal, vote for Democrats in the coming election in which we will allow you to vote. It is a repeat of the fall of Rome. 150-million South and Central Americans have stated in a 2018 poll, that they want to move to North America. They will make America socialist.

By:Adrian Krieg

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Impeachment NOT

Posted 10-07-2019

What crazy Nancy is doing is not impeachment. To impeach-see the constitution.

  1. The speaker can not impeach anyone
  2. The speaker must submit a vote for impeachment to the entire House.
  3. The House must vote in majority for impeachment.
  4. Nancy will not do that because it would force many Democrats in swing districts to oppose Trump and thereby lose in the coming election.
  5. If the house votes by majority for impeachment articles for it must be drawn up articles.
  6. Once articles are drawn up, the opposition gets the right to cross-examine and subpoena witnesses.
  7. Since there are no crimes or misdemeanors, there is no case for impeachment.
  8. Since the Senate is the Jury and the Supreme Court Justice is the deciding judge and the Senate would have to vote 3/4 for impeachment, there is no chance at all.


This is all a huge kabuki theatre in an effort to influence swing votes in the 2020 election. It is the biggest load of BS of this decade.

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some facts VI

Modified: 09-25-2019

LH-Liberty Hub an RNC source:


The ludicrous headline states: “Iran releases WILD new threats against the US, warning of immediate and crushing retaliation”.

The report begins with “The Small, Middle Eastern nation…” Iran is the 19th largest nation in the world; it has an sq km of 1,648,195 and water of 116,600 sq-km. Iran's population is about 83-million. (so much for small)

Next is the claim that they intend to wipe the Jewish State off the map. Not actually correct they said the zionist state. The primary language of Iran is Farsi there is a common expression in Farsi, which is death to (whatever) it is an idiomatic expression that cannot be taken literally.  The zionist state refers to the separatist religious policies of the socialist theocracy of the zionist state in which all non-Jews are second class citizens. 

All of this is related to Eretz Yisrael and the zionist policy as expressed in the Oded Yinon Plan that is to expand Israel's borders to include: Gaza, the...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some facts V

Posted 09-20-2019

Are our politicians crazy?


I’m sure that you have often considered why so many Americans are on welfare, especially when there are lots of available jobs. To get to the bottom of this, we must look at the average individual income in the United States. BLS Stats: 2019 average US $47,060.00 Service sector average $30,524.00.


In 8-states welfare recipients are beneficiaries of more money than the average income in their states when you consider taxes.


Welfare income by states:

Hawaii                $60,590.00

Wash. DC           $50,820.00

Mass                   $50,540.00

Conn                   $44,370.00

New York           $43,700.00

New Jersey        $43,450.00

RI                       $43,330.00

VT                       $42,350.00


I am 81-years old, paid the annual maximum into social security for 37-years. My SS payment is $1,567.00 per month or 18,804.00 per year.

I have two questions:


How do I get on welfare?

Why does someone who never contributed...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some facts IV

Modified: 09-18-2019

Anyone who made it through HS ought to be able to add 2+2 and come up with 4. Unfortunately, the DNC members running for the presidency give the appearance of being very handicapped in mathematics.

 Proposals by DNC presidential aspirants as of September 2019 are as follows:

Green New Deal supported by all of them: Ten years cost $10-trillion
Forgiveness of all college debts: Total cost first year $1.4-trillion
Free education for all K through college: Annual cost $2.7-trillion
Cradle to death healthcare for all: Annual cost $2.675-trillion
Free prescription drugs for all: Annual cost $2.05-trillion
Elimination of Electoral college: NY, CA, FL, TX, & PA will elect the president rest need not vote
Increase personal income taxes to 70%: Eliminate the middle class
Increase corporate income tax to 90%: Drive corporations overseas stop R&D
Reparations for Blacks due to slavery 150-years ago: Unknown but over $1-trillion

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some Facts II

Modified: 09-18-2019

Diversity and other BS:


All Welfare USA:

Whites get 30% but are 67% of the population

Immigrants get 51% but are 12% of the population


All Medicaid USA

Whites get 23% but are 67% of the population

Immigrants get 42% but are 12% of the population


Food Supplements (Food Stamps)

Whites get 22% of the total but are 67% of the population

Immigrants get 40% but are only 12% of the population



Whites get 10% of the total but are 67% of the population

Immigrants get 12% of the total and are 12% of the population


Housing subsidies

Whites get 6% of the total but are 67% of the population

Immigrants are 12% of the population and get 6% of all subsidies.


Prison Population

Immigrants are 12% of the population but are 22% of the prison population

Whites are 67% of the population but are only 33.8% of the prison population.



Would someone; anyone please inform the DNC and their presidential candidates!


Most of this information is from a new...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some Facts III

Posted 09-18-2019

It does not take a genius to figure out why we have mass shootings that are unless you are a liberal:


Beginning in the 50’s liberals that now call themselves progressives, another word for socialists;  have systematically secularised America, it actually began with the separation of Church and State fiction, which was a letter sent to a congregation in Danbury CT by Thomas Jefferson that has nothing to do with law or the Constitution.


In this process, the socialists determined that religion, morals, and ethics no longer were subjects to be taught in public schools; in that process, they also ended Greek history and Greek philosophy. Children by this lost the moral compass, which had been the hallmark of Western Civilization for over 2,000 years.


Then with Roe vs. Wade and an entire series of really bad  Supreme Court rulings, child murder was institutionalized in American jurisprudence. Now in the 21st century, some states have legalized child murder as a right of...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some facts

Posted 09-17-2019

This information comes from the FBI & the Crime Prevention Research Center:

These statics are based on 1998 to 2015 stats.


International shootings outside military action total 4,880

USA shootings 53 attacks with 57 shooters

Total USA shootings are 1.49% of the total worldwide and USA has 4.29% of world pop.

From 1950 to 2018, 98% of all gun related mass shootings have taken place in gun-free-zones

65% of all gun related shootings are suicides

14% of all gun related shootings are criminals by police

25% of all USA gun related shootings are the four cities that have the most restrictive gun laws

            2015 stats:

            Chicago                       480

            Baltimore                     344

            Detroit                         333

            Wash. DC                   118 up 54% from 2013


In 2018: 63,533 Americans died from drug overdoses

In 2018: 37,133 Americans died from car accidents

In 2018: 36,009 Americans died from the Flu


By:Adrian Krieg

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What they have done to us

Posted 09-11-2019

by: 09.04.2019


A2Z Publications LLC

POB 192

Parrish, FL 34219. USA

Tel #: 941-212-6714

Book Orders 800-431-1579

URL: www.A2ZPublications.com

E-mail: adriankrieg@a2zPublications.com


This is a factual report of what media companies have done to A2Z Publications LLC a Nevada and Florida publishing company. In 2018 SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) declared A2Z Publications LLC as well as Dr. Adrian Krieg HATE GROUPS. SPLC has refused to itemize any hate or to identify what hate is or how their determination of hate is arrived at. After that, the following things happened and continue to happen.


  1. For 17-years, our PDF printer was Lighting Source a Company that prints books in America as well as Europe (England) and Australia. Lighting source had 13 of our titles. They canceled our written agreement with 40-days notice. It took us four months to retrieve our outstanding royalties.
  2. Ingram was our international wholesaler, and owners of Lighting Source as well as LULU...

By:Adrian Krieg

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No More Justice

Modified: 08-31-2019

America now has a functional two tier justice system! There is the justice for you and me, including slander against you and me by ADL and SPLC. And then there is the justice system for those of social importance. Those social giants are never charged or indicted regardless of what they do. James Comey is off the hook and so is Hillary Clinton. Had I done what they did, when I was in the Army, with a top secret clearance in the 50’s and 60’s I would still be in Leavenworth! 

The Republic is dead!

By:Adrian Krieg

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Posted 08-31-2019

Peter Arnold
Tel Aviv 27.08.2019

William Casey Feb 1981 as CIA Director said:
            “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.”

            It behooves all to remember our history, and more exactly the history of wars that killed millions of White Christians. Why do you think history has basically been removed from education in America as well as Germany, France, and England? In that venue’; it is equally important to know who financed the wars and for what reason they financed them. Noticeable is the fact, that mainstream historians avoid this topic like the plague. The reason for academics reluctance identifying warmongers and war financiers is that they are cowards, fear above all, the PC police. (Loss of Tenure) Our story begins with the American war of independence in which the British military was supplied with Hessian troops provided by the Landgrave of Hessen, at the time the richest man in Europe, and factored...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Two Tier Justice

Modified: 08-31-2019

America has entered a new era— two-tier justice is the new operating American legal system. This diabolical jurisprudence is not a new 21st-century event; it is a repeat of longstanding dictums. Beginning in Rome before the first century it has repeated for a millennium and has always ended badly. The most obviously present day appreciation are newly enacted “Red Flag Laws,” one of which has been established in my home state of Florida. The law allows police agencies to confiscate legally owned firearms, from any citizen based on the accusal of any secret disputant, claiming the gun owner to be a danger to society. The police do not have to expose the accuser. Contrary to established law the accused must then prove that he is not delinquent before a judge, without a jury. This is a total reversal of established law for over 700-years. It violates the basic concept of allowance to face your accuser. It will be  down by the Supreme Court.

Another signed into law by FL Governor...

By:Adrian Krieg

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