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Posted 10-16-2019

A2Z Publications LLC


Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE




We are pleased to announce that according to academia on the internet that Dr. Krieg’s articles and papers were used by over 143 academics in the last 30 days for references on their papers.


 Dr. Krieg was interviewed by NHK-NY Sam Suzuki, the Japanese TV network NYC office in late August the item was run in Tokyo recently.


 Dr. Krieg was also interviewed by Telemundo The Tampa office of Hispanic network at A2Z home office the item was Ron the day after the interview.


 A2Z Publications through Dr. Krieg now writes for The Nationalist Times, The Sovereign, The Free Magnolia, the Citizen Informer, monthly.









By:Adrian Krieg

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Modified: 10-15-2019


Generations #1 - Pilot

We discussed: the whole business of War and Empire, and why so many people willingly fight for governments that continue to deceive them; how easily the public might be led into the next war in the Middle East; the book, “Erasing The Liberty,” by Dave Gahary and Phil Tourney; how Dr. Patrick Slattery’s National Bugle YouTube channel was a victim of the recent purge on Free Speech; the book, “A History Of Zionism 1897 To 2020,” by Peter Arnold and Jorgen Lars Rasmussen; Eisenhower’s real role in World War 2 and in particular its aftermath; and many other topics.

Generations #2 - Under The Twinkle Of A Fading Star 

We discussed: how much has changed in the United States during the last 50 years; the encroaching LGBT agenda; how Germany is going to increase payments to Holocaust survivors; the Jewish philanthropists sponsoring anti BDS organizations; the federal judge who has stopped ICE from arresting illegal alien felons; Joe Biden’s breathtaking...

By:Adrian Krieg

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A Statistical Shit Storm

Modified: 10-15-2019

Today I heard of some new statistics; they said that 51% of Americans support the impeachment of Donald Trump. I think its BS. They said they polled 1000 Americans. OK, where in LA or NYC?

The relentless lies by media and progressives is simply astounding. No one, not one single person, has to date said what Trump would be impeached for.  Sorry about that; some did, but their cases were delusional. You cannot impeach a president because you don’t like him, because he is crass, because he likes women, because you don’t like the increased employment, higher stock market, lower food stamps, lower CO-2 output, American energy independence. The latest after a long list of reasons for impeachment is a PUBLISHED telephone conversation between Trump and another president, which was parodied by a lying dirt-bag congressman, repeated by the Speaker, supported by a here-say CIA annalist whose information would not be admissible in any court of law.

Don’t kid yourself the media, deep state...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Posted 10-08-2019

I predict a massive problem in credit. It appears that banks are overextended in mortgages and construction loans. The FED has just announced that they are upping monthly bank support from US $75-billion to over US $165-billion until mid-December. J.P. Morgan chase, as well as Bank of America, have predicted negative interest rates by the end of the year. Several EU nations already have negative interest rates. Only Judaists were abbe to get bank lines of credit; they are now also out. This is obstructing world trade because exporters of goods are unable to get bank guaranteed LC’s. Then to top it all off, the moronic Democrats in the House are not approving the North American Free trade deal, or infrastructure or healthcare, and have held up every presidential proposal in an effort to cause depression so that they can have something to run on.


Buy Silver now—just went up another 0.40 cents today ( 9:40 AM 10.08.19 )


It is now obvious that J.P. Morgan Chase has been...

By:Adrian Krieg

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The Conquest of America is on

Posted 10-07-2019

America is under war footing. The DNC, Speaker and Minority leader of the Senate have declared it. The war is an invasion of immigrants. The fee grants have been published, by all the Democrat politicians running for the presidency. Free welfare, free healthcare, free food stamps for immigrants. Their cost is minimal, vote for Democrats in the coming election in which we will allow you to vote. It is a repeat of the fall of Rome. 150-million South and Central Americans have stated in a 2018 poll, that they want to move to North America. They will make America socialist.

By:Adrian Krieg

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Impeachment NOT

Posted 10-07-2019

What crazy Nancy is doing is not impeachment. To impeach-see the constitution.

  1. The speaker can not impeach anyone
  2. The speaker must submit a vote for impeachment to the entire House.
  3. The House must vote in majority for impeachment.
  4. Nancy will not do that because it would force many Democrats in swing districts to oppose Trump and thereby lose in the coming election.
  5. If the house votes by majority for impeachment articles for it must be drawn up articles.
  6. Once articles are drawn up, the opposition gets the right to cross-examine and subpoena witnesses.
  7. Since there are no crimes or misdemeanors, there is no case for impeachment.
  8. Since the Senate is the Jury and the Supreme Court Justice is the deciding judge and the Senate would have to vote 3/4 for impeachment, there is no chance at all.


This is all a huge kabuki theatre in an effort to influence swing votes in the 2020 election. It is the biggest load of BS of this decade.

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some facts VI

Modified: 09-25-2019

LH-Liberty Hub an RNC source:


The ludicrous headline states: “Iran releases WILD new threats against the US, warning of immediate and crushing retaliation”.

The report begins with “The Small, Middle Eastern nation…” Iran is the 19th largest nation in the world; it has an sq km of 1,648,195 and water of 116,600 sq-km. Iran's population is about 83-million. (so much for small)

Next is the claim that they intend to wipe the Jewish State off the map. Not actually correct they said the zionist state. The primary language of Iran is Farsi there is a common expression in Farsi, which is death to (whatever) it is an idiomatic expression that cannot be taken literally.  The zionist state refers to the separatist religious policies of the socialist theocracy of the zionist state in which all non-Jews are second class citizens. 

All of this is related to Eretz Yisrael and the zionist policy as expressed in the Oded Yinon Plan that is to expand Israel's borders to include: Gaza, the...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some facts V

Posted 09-20-2019

Are our politicians crazy?


I’m sure that you have often considered why so many Americans are on welfare, especially when there are lots of available jobs. To get to the bottom of this, we must look at the average individual income in the United States. BLS Stats: 2019 average US $47,060.00 Service sector average $30,524.00.


In 8-states welfare recipients are beneficiaries of more money than the average income in their states when you consider taxes.


Welfare income by states:

Hawaii                $60,590.00

Wash. DC           $50,820.00

Mass                   $50,540.00

Conn                   $44,370.00

New York           $43,700.00

New Jersey        $43,450.00

RI                       $43,330.00

VT                       $42,350.00


I am 81-years old, paid the annual maximum into social security for 37-years. My SS payment is $1,567.00 per month or 18,804.00 per year.

I have two questions:


How do I get on welfare?

Why does someone who never contributed...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Just some facts IV

Modified: 09-18-2019

Anyone who made it through HS ought to be able to add 2+2 and come up with 4. Unfortunately, the DNC members running for the presidency give the appearance of being very handicapped in mathematics.

 Proposals by DNC presidential aspirants as of September 2019 are as follows:

Green New Deal supported by all of them: Ten years cost $10-trillion
Forgiveness of all college debts: Total cost first year $1.4-trillion
Free education for all K through college: Annual cost $2.7-trillion
Cradle to death healthcare for all: Annual cost $2.675-trillion
Free prescription drugs for all: Annual cost $2.05-trillion
Elimination of Electoral college: NY, CA, FL, TX, & PA will elect the president rest need not vote
Increase personal income taxes to 70%: Eliminate the middle class
Increase corporate income tax to 90%: Drive corporations overseas stop R&D
Reparations for Blacks due to slavery 150-years ago: Unknown but over $1-trillion

By:Adrian Krieg

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