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Posted 08-20-2019

Robert Maxwell, the British media mogul, was a Mossad agent into perverse sex. When things got hot, the Mossad killed Maxwell. His girlfriend Sarah Kellen turned up as the new girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein another Mossad agent. Kellen and Ghislaine Maxwell were the madams. When things got really hot—(half of Hollywood and half of Congress exposed as travelers on the Lolita express [Boeing 727 to 70-Acre pedophile island] Jeffry broke is own neck, and then hung himself without rope or belt from a nonexistent rafter.


  • Bill Clinton                  
  • Stephen Hawking                  
  • Stephen Pinker
  • Alan Dershowitz         
  • Prof. Lawrence Krauss          
  • Price Andrew UK       
  • Ron Burkle
  • Kevin Spacey            
  • Gayle Smith
  • Chris Tucker              
  • Larry Summers
  • and scores of others


And 27 females.

The Mossad has films of the travelers. They have been blackmailing members of Congress for decades. Why do you think that they always vote in favor of...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Special Offer

Modified: 08-20-2019

I have written a new book: “Race—Sex—Truth” (64,216 words) because our finances are tight at this time, we make a special offer to our readers to obtain a first issued autographed copy, of my 34th published book. We will use your payment to pay for paging, cover design, Indexing of people & events, ISBN and Library of Congress registration, and the first print-run. The book will sell for US $35.00, plus S & H. We anticipate completion in about six weeks.

If you pay for the book now in advance, in this special offer, by sending us $35.00 we will upon publication send you, (a to you autographed) copy, USPS media-mail insured no S&H, prepaid.


Book 1

  • Chapter 1 Who wrote this book?
  • Chapter 2 Race
  • Chapter 3 Sex
  • Chapter 4 Truth
  • Chapter 5 War
  • Chapter 6 Freedom
  • Chapter 7 What is a Nation?
  • Chapter 8 Democracy
  • Chapter 9 Religion
  • Chapter 10 Guns, Violence & Crime
  • Chapter 11 White Nationalism
  • Chapter 12 Social Revolution

Bibliography Book 1

History Questions

By:Adrian Krieg

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Modified: 08-08-2019


Generations #1 - Pilot

We discussed: the whole business of War and Empire, and why so many people willingly fight for governments that continue to deceive them; how easily the public might be led into the next war in the Middle East; the book, “Erasing The Liberty,” by Dave Gahary and Phil Tourney; how Dr. Patrick Slattery’s National Bugle YouTube channel was a victim of the recent purge on Free Speech; the book, “A History Of Zionism 1897 To 2020,” by Peter Arnold and Jorgen Lars Rasmussen; Eisenhower’s real role in World War 2 and in particular its aftermath; and many other topics.

Generations #2 - Under The Twinkle Of A Fading Star 

We discussed: how much has changed in the United States during the last 50 years; the encroaching LGBT agenda; how Germany is going to increase payments to Holocaust survivors; the Jewish philanthropists sponsoring anti BDS organizations; the federal judge who has stopped ICE from arresting illegal alien felons; Joe Biden’s breathtaking...

By:Adrian Krieg

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As most of you know

Modified: 08-08-2019

            My Company A2Z Publications LLC, as well as myself, have been under continuous attacks by the “Leftist” Internet social media companies. It began in 2018 when SPLC listed us as “Hate Group” under “Other” classification. Within weeks our printers Lighting Source canceled a 17-year mutual agreement on 4 weeks notice, they had printed over 13-books for us, our International wholesaler Ingram followed suite. My good friend and editor Don Wassail of the Nationalist Times for whom I have been writing for over 14-years has also felt their wrath. The Sovereign that was published in NYC for whom I wrote the editorials for many years went under, now resurrected in Gainesville, FL. Sadly A2Z book sales have tanked. We are barely keeping our head above water. I have written a new book, Race Sex & Truth, but we do not have the funds to page it, or design the cover. We tried with a go-fund-me page, but results have been pitiful—when I read that a cousin of pedophile Michael Jackson...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Posted 08-05-2019

Interesting that the LA Times did this. All the others are staying away from it.
Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, this should be of great interest to you!
Just  One   State  - be sure and read the last part... Try for 3 times.
This is only one State.. If this doesn't open your eyes, nothing will!
From the LA. Times:
1      40% of all workers       in LA County (10.2 million people) are working for cash; and not paying taxes This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants, working without a green card.       (Donald Trump was right)
2.       95%of warrants       for murder in  Los Angeles  are for illegal aliens.
3.       75% of people       on the most wanted list in  Los Angeles  are illegal aliens.
4.    Over    2/3 of all births       in  Los...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Teflon Jim Comey

Posted 08-05-2019

I had every confidence that AG William Barr would finally end out two tear justice system and return America to sanity. Then the AG and Department of Justice declared that they would not prosecute Comey. Let’s understand this! American sailor Kristian Saucier was jailed for taking a photo of some of his friends inside a sub. He did not publicize them to anyone. Comey gave classified documents to an academic associate to have him give them to the NY Times. This is a known felony. Comey admitted doing this on TV three times. 

America has a two-tier justice system! One for you and me; the other for DNC members and the elites. Think of Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, and so forth.


Listen to our radio show—Generations on eurofolk Radio every Monday morning at 10 AM

By:Adrian Krieg

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Defining who and what you are

Posted 08-05-2019

            For far too long, we have let our social oppostion define who we are. This is no small matter because the definition imprints upon society a mental picture that in our case is not friendly. The inventors of this process is the UK based Tavistock Institute of Human Behaviour. The Institute was founded in the late 40s as an adjunct to the already existing MI-5 & 6 and to OSS soon to be replaced by president Truman with the CIA. This change was required because the British security services OSS as well as the French Marquis, had become overrun by communists. The Rockefeller Foundation was the largest single financial contributor in the founding of Tavistock.

            Many will stop reading, because they think this to be an unimportant historic commentary, they are dead wrong. What Tavistock had accomplished in changing our society is remarkable and noteworthy. OK, Cop Killer Bullet (Jacketed ammo), Assault Rifle (Semi automatic rifle), Homophobe (opposer to queers and...

By:Adrian Krieg

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Senator Richard Blumenthal

Posted 07-25-2019

The Connecticut Liar! The commensurate member of the White Privilege Club.


Riverdale County School To: Harvard, To: Yale, To. Trinity College.

It has been reported that at age 32 Blumenthal had a 16-year old girlfriend.

He said that he was captain of the Harvard swinging team. NO, the captain was Peter Alter.

He indicated that he had served in Vietnam. NO, he got 5 separate military deferments.

He joined the US Marine crops for a cushy job in DC in the Toys for Tots program.

His net worth in 2016 was $62-million by 2017 it was $70-million.

He increased his wealth by $8-million on a $174,000 annual salary.

In 2015 he managed a $31475.00 IRS tax refund from the IRS.

Blumenthal wants to see Donald Trump's tax returns from 8-years before his election.

I want to see all of Blumenthal’s tax returns for the last 30-years.

The reason for my demand is simple:

Blumenthal is a lifelong politician. US Attorney CT, CT House, CT Senate, AG for CT, US Senate, my question is where...

By:Adrian Krieg

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HBO and Chernoby

Posted 07-15-2019

HBO produced a movie about the 1986 Chernobyl disaster that was not science; it was pure BS. Viewing the program, one would think that thousands died, factually it was less than 200. The program does not clarify that Chernobyl was a light water graphite core reactor whose primary purpose was the production of enriched plutonium for weapons. It did not mention that no nation in the West operates any such reactors.  It did not say that the Chernobyl reactor did not have a containment vessel. It did not explain that the cause of the accident was a very poorly designed experiment and that the operators did the wrong things allowing unit 4 to continue to produce electricity at a 7% level, causing several explosions and the forced removal of the reactor lid.


Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE. Holds sever nuclear-related patents.

By:Adrian Krieg

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