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Peter Arnold

Is a Christian native of Israel and is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, German and Yiddish. He was educated in Europe and Israel. For obvious reasons he writes under the pseudonym Peter Arnold the name used by Rothschild to fake a Christian identity in Frankfurt Germany where he lived. As an active researcher his first book Awlad al-moud (The Children of Death) is a chorography of the rise of Zionism and its eventual control of the state of Israel. Because of the inclusion of an up-dated version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Zionists will claim it to be a work of fiction. The entire book however provides compelling evidence debunking the Zionist claim that the Protocols were a forgery of the Czar's secret police. Extensive translations of the Talmud's as well as other writings is included in this work. a2z Publications © makes no commentary on this work and remains neutral in its sale and distribution.