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Jorgen Lars Rasmussen

I was born on November 24, 1924, in the Lawrence Hospital in Westchester, a suburb north of New York City. I attended high school at Kent School in Connecticut. In January or February of 1942 I took the entrance exam for the US Military Academy at West Point on an alternate appointment and passed the exams. But as the principal appointee also passed the exams, he got the appointment and I was deferred from the draft.

But soon afterwards I volunteered into the army and then also into the paratroops. I took training as a Pathfinder. Pathfinders jump into the area a few hours ahead of the main body of paratroops and operate a radio beacon (a hand-held Ajax unit) on which the planes carrying the paratroops come in to the "DZ" (drop zone). I participated (as pathfinder) in D-day (Normandy), Holland, Bastogne, the Rhine jump (Wesel) and Germany. In the battle for Bastogne I was left for dead in the snow when my companions were all wiped out at a little crossroads called Mandy. Hours later I regained consciousness.

After Germany surrendered, I was scheduled (as an experienced Pathfinder) to go to Manila to join the 11th Airborne for the invasion of Japan, but Japan surrendered as we were in mid-Atlantic en route to Manila via Panama.

After being "demobbed" from the army, I went to college (Harvard) 1945-1949. After graduation I went to work for the Sun Oil Company (Sunoco). While running oil exploration in South America I met my wife-to-be, Silvia Preisig. We married and had four fine children. We now live a comfortable retired life in Ft. Myers, FL.