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Adrian H. Krieg

A resident of Florida who was born in Switzerland is a dual national, who has lived in Italy, Germany, and Mexico he is widely traveled. His Dr. degree is a Cultural Doctorate in Manufacturing Science; he is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer by SME. He has written numerous engineering books as well as well over 100 technical articles. He is a columnist and a contributing writer in numerous magazines and newspapers in America and Europe. For over 35 years he was the CEO of a manufacturing concern with plants in CT, CA, the British Midlands, and Randburg RSA. Since 1986 he has acted as an expert witness on engineering matters and worked as a turn-around expert for manufacturing plants in trouble, as well as plant liquidation advisor. His first book dealing with 20th century politics was published in Jan 1998, which was followed with another in 2000.

Dr. Krieg is a member of “Reporters Without Borders” the French organization that stands opposed to the Deep State and fake news.

Curriculum Vita

2008 Dr. Adrian H. Krieg - CMFGE SME certified manufacturing engineer


Born in St. Gallen Switzerland
Is a dual national fluent in German and English.
Resides in Bradenton, FL. USA


HS Pembroke Academy (Suncook NH) class valedictorian.
Elmhurst College, University of Mexico (San Miguel De Allende campus), various courses at CCU. SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) certified Manufacturing Engineer. (CMFGE) U.S. Army Message center, Bi-lingual communications, served with nuclear artillery in Germany top-secret clearance. World University Cultural doctorate in Manufacturing Science. Presently Co-Chair Political Science Department World University Roundtable.


AWS (American Welding Society) Life member Speakers bureau 1985-00. SME Speakers bureau 1979-86, Silver certificate. Vice Chair AWS/ANSI Committee on fumes and gases & ventilation 1985 until disbanded. Wrote ANSI-OSHA standard for welding safety. Recipient of the AWS NATTCO award for best welding product (invention) of 1983. SME Science in Engineering Award. AWS, SME, ASM, consultant's directory. Thomas award for best advertisement 1983. Acade'mie Europe'enne des Sciences, des Arts et des lettres 1989. Eli Whitney Entrepreneur of the year recognition award. Rolex award recognition 1987. CT/RI District Export Council first appointed by Sec. of commerce Malcolm Baldridge (Reagan) and then by every sec of commerce ending with Ron Brown (Clinton) resigned under R. Brown due to politisation of DEC. Elected to Fall Mountain Regional School Board NH. Elected President Home Owner's assoc. Panther Ridge. Appointed Honorary Board member NH Center for Constitutional Studies. Co-Chair Dep. Pol. Science World University Roundtable.

Past memberships:

U.S. Department of Commerce:

CT/RI District Export Council, USDC Co-Chair, Strike force for fair trade, Legislative committee, Finance committee. Service in the CT/RI DEC exceeds ten years. (Advisors to US Dep. of Commerce)



Published in: New Equipment digest, The Welding Journal, Welding Design and Fabrication, IMPO, The Welding Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Metal Building Review, Contractors Electrical Equipment, The Tool and Manufacturing Engineer, Industrial Safety, The Fabricator, Grinding and Finishing, Maintenance Engineer, Current Concerns, The Idaho Observer, The Nationalist Times, Barnes Review of History, The Sovereign, The Edgefield Journal, Herald Tribune and many others.


Dr. Krieg has been the guest on over 350 radio and TV shows and has been interviewed by: The Wall St. Journal, The Hartford Currant, The Waterbury Republican, The Nationalist Times, The Daily Bell, Herald Tribune, Lakewood Ranch Tribune, The Eagle Times and many others.

Other published works:

(20th century history all non fiction)
  • The Satori and the New Mandarins Hallberg Publishing '97 342 pp
  • July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day Hallberg Publishing '00 280 pp
  • Published Articles and Essays "92-03 a2zPublications.com '03 350 pp
  • Our Political Systems a2zPublications '04 268 pp
  • Vale a2zPublications '05 339 pp
  • The New American Newspeak Dictionary a2zPublications '05 114 pp
  • Published Articles and Essays '03 to'05 a2zPublicartions '06 310 pp
  • MONEY a primer. A2zPublications '06 187 pp
  • Published Essays and Articles 03-05 A2zPublications '05 410 pp
  • Published Essays and Articles 05-06 A2zPublications "06 380 pp
  • Before Departing a few words... A2zPublications "08 776 pp
  • The American Dream/Nightmare...Obama's Plan A2zPublications "09 267 pp
  • Invasion 2016-17
  • Global Tyranny 2016
  • The System 2015
  • Our Vision 2012
  • Rendesvous 2012
  • OZ 2012
  • Turning the Tide 2016
  • Liberalism 2016
  • Practical Economics for Millennials
  • Marketing your products through distribution channels. 1975
  • Plate Forming Machines 1967
  • The Problems with Welding fumes and how to solve them 1980-87
  • Distributor Marketing 1997
  • Vale The Illuminati and its plans for the future 2005
  • Rendezvous with the New World Order 2011
  • The American Nationalists 2012
  • Usury Banking 2015
  • Federal; Reserve update 2015 2015
  • Social Compliance 2019
  • Race—Sex—Truth

Coming 2020 Tarnished Nation

Commercial contracts. Change to: Commercial Engineering Design Contracts

Krieg is a contributing writer and on the editorial board of The Nationalist Times, and is a frequent contribution columnist to: The Edgefield Journal, Media Bypass, The Nationalist Times, Schweizerzeit (Switz), Current Concerns (Switz), The Free American, Culture Wars, The Portman Papers (UK) Taxing Times, and others.

U.S. Patents:

Special Listings:

Commercial Contracts:

Licensed Products:

Business Experience:

Past CEO of: Widder Corp, Rovic Manufacturing Inc., Nugget Realty Corp., A. Krieg Consulting Inc., Consumable Trading Inc., Panox Trading Ltd. (Switzerland) Widder UK Ltd. (UK), Widder RSA Ltd. (RSA). Secretary of Victor J. Krieg Inc. Was or is on the Board of directors of: Widder Corp, Victor J. Krieg Inc. Rovic Manufacturing Co., Nugget Realty corp. Mamaroneck Depot Plaza Corp. Pannox Trading Corp. (Zurich) Colonial Bankcorp. CT World Trade Assoc. Fall Mountain Regional School Board. A2Z Publishing LLC, AWS Fume Committee, AWS Z-40-1 Safety committee, Vice Chairman of SME Chapter 216, Paul Riley Ltd. (UK) Permabond Europe Ltd (UK) CT/RI District Export Council. Managing Director A2Z Publications LLC, Co-Chair Political Science Dep. World University (2007) Appointed (2008) honorary board member NH Center for Constitutional Studies. Co-Chair Pol. Science Dep. World University.

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