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Dr. Krieg is a member of RSF (Reporters Without borders)

book - Invasions Their Documented Historical Relevance
Dr Adrian Krieg

We live in bizarre times, our government is incapacitated, and the Dems manage more congressional investigations on inconsequential non-issues than we can keep up with. Obamacare, Tax Reform, Corporate Tax Reduction, all of which would stimulate the economy and create more jobs, is not even on the congressional horizon.

book - Social Compliance by Dr. A. H. Kreig
Dr Adrian Krieg

This book is the history of the 21st century cesspool. No, it's not a swamp - swamps have animals, Washington D.C. has cheats, liars, crooks, grafting, slandering - a veritable community of slime and payola!

book - Turning the Tide : A history of the modern world
Dr Adrian Krieg

Turning the Tide is a book about the real history of the 21st Century without all othe provided government lies.

book - Titans
Dr Adrian Krieg

Usury is about everything you should know about your bank, but don’t. It is the history of banking from the 13th century to present day. It is about who controls banks how they operated in the past and how they work today. It is about how they rip you off, and make you think they are nice people.

White Male and Proud of it

By: Adrian Krieg

In the war between Nationalism and Globalism I sit firmly on the Nationalist side without apologies. In the race war I am an unapologetic White Caucasian. In the even more ridiculous war of gender, I am and remain straight as an arrow White male. In all these storms blown up by progressives I am on the correct side and they are wrong; in more ways than I can even count. Our nations ship is in a hurricane initiated by a newly awakened communist movement, the leaders of which, have but one objective; total control of society. That multinational multiculturalists are perusing the old Vladimir Lenin Cultural Marxist philosophy, whose name they changed to Political Correctness (PC) and that they are on the wrong and eventually losing side of history that will be written in future accounts. They failed in the Weimar Republic; they failed in every socialist society that ever attempted those two failed Judaist systems.

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