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book - Turning the Tide : A history of the modern world

Turning the Tide - A History Of The Modern World

book - Liberalism The Bane Of Civilization

Liberalism - The bane of civilization

Practical Economics for Millennials

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Whats Coming in our Economy

By: Adrian Krieg

It should not surprise anyone reading this who is familiar with my writings that the elites of the New World Order plan ahead. In fact they just concluded one of their fests at Davos where WEF main point of discussion was the elimination of cash and the onset of the digital financial age. They have already done it in India where large denomination bills were suspended and the maximum withdrawal was set at 4,000 rupees ($60.00). All future transactions will be via debit cards issued by banks after deposits are made to an account. The banks will now have 100% of depositor’s money at their discretion and the depositor will have no say over its investment or deposition of their own money.

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