Back To Basics On JFK
George D. Larson, Ph.D. History
This booklet is a compilation of facts relating to the JFK assassination. It clearly shows what a total farce the Kennedy asasination report was.
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Federal Reserve Update 2015
Dr. A.H Krieg
This booklet, which is 60 pages, is an addition to "Money…a primer" by A. H. Krieg. It is a total explanation of the Federal Reserve System and how it works.
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The Secret Empire Part 1 and Part 2
Cushman Cunningham
The secret Empire is the true story of who runs the world and how they do it. It is not about conspiracy it is about fact.
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Latest Blog
By: Adrian Krieg
We all remember the story of Pandora’s box; all the evil of the world was within. When it was opened it poured out onto the world, horrified she slammed the box shut just before Elpis (Hope) had a chance to escape. The Greek situation is many things to many people, democracy, sovereignty the collective community and work, the last being paramount.
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