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book - Invasions Their Documented Historical Relevance
Dr Adrian Krieg

We live in bizarre times, our government is incapacitated, and the Dems manage more congressional investigations on inconsequential non-issues than we can keep up with. Obamacare, Tax Reform, Corporate Tax Reduction, all of which would stimulate the economy and create more jobs, is not even on the congressional horizon.

book - Turning the Tide : A history of the modern world
Dr Adrian Krieg

Turning the Tide is a book about the real history of the 21st Century without all othe provided government lies.

book - Titans
Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Titans, is a remarkable work, a novella about the West, Europe and our joint Caucasian history.

Russia, McCain, Trump, Clinton, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, and Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election

By: Adrian Krieg

The charge of the released memo by chairman Nunes and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence alleges that the FBI abused its power in surveillance of the Trump Presidential Campaign and the Trump Transition Team as well as the elected president. The Democrats and the deep state pulled out every possible effort to prevent this information from being released. The “Committee” determined that there was troubling abuse related to the secret FISA Court. This is one of the most confusing issues of this century, primarily because the issue has become so partisan and the large number of organization and involved people. Lets begin at the beginning:

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