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book - Invasions Their Documented Historical Relevance
Dr Adrian Krieg

We live in bizarre times, our government is incapacitated, and the Dems manage more congressional investigations on inconsequential non-issues than we can keep up with. Obamacare, Tax Reform, Corporate Tax Reduction, all of which would stimulate the economy and create more jobs, is not even on the congressional horizon.

book - Turning the Tide : A history of the modern world
Dr Adrian Krieg

Turning the Tide is a book about the real history of the 21st Century without all othe provided government lies.

book - Titans
Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Titans, is a remarkable work, a novella about the West, Europe and our joint Caucasian history.

Korea Policy

By: Adrian Krieg

American policy on North Korea is about as useless at the policy relating to Iran. While the diving force for both policies is different, the implementation of it from behind the OZ curtain is by the same people. American policy for the Middle East is made in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and the same people make policy on North Korea in the boardrooms of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us of in his departing speech.

The hope by Trump forces of a lasting peace with North Korea are unrealistic especially in view of the actions by the North Korean leader and the acquiescence of South Korea to confront a serious problem.

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