book - Turning the Tide : A history of the modern world
Turning the Tide - A History Of The Modern World
Dr Adrian Krieg
Turning the Tide is a book about the real history of the 21st Century without all othe provided government lies.
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book - Liberalism The Bane Of Civilization
Liberalism - The bane of civilization
Dr. A. H. Krieg, CMGE
This book details the failures of the progressive movement. It is the perfect companion for anyone about to debate a socialist. It is an outline of why a Sanders or Clinton administration would result in what I titled my, in 2000 published book “July 4th 2016 the last Independence Day”.
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book - Conspiracy Facts Neocons Unmasked
Practical Economics for Millennials
Dr. A.H Krieg
This book was written to give college students a realistic understanding of economics, not the BS they are exposed to by their socialist progressive professors who have never in their entire lives run a retail, wholesale, logistics, or manufacturing business and therefore should refrain from teaching anyone anything about economics of which they know nothing.
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Latest Blog
Without Vaseline
By: Adrian Krieg
This article was prompted by, what can only be called the bizarre annual Social Security “Important Information” for 2016 that arrived in my mailbox in the last days of December last year. The amount of misinformation and outright lies in this report is astounding; it is in fact so bad that Carolyn Watts Colvin, the SS Administrator should be replaced. Her predecessor Astrue’s in a seminal statement on social Security said: “Social Security was never intended to fully provide for retirement. That is a myth that circulates in certain quarters, and it is a very dangerous myth because if you don’t fully prepare for your retirement through private savings, you are likely to have a very difficult retirement.”
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